Partner training events are designed for those who want to lead The Truth Project in a small group. This 4-hour intensive training will equip small group leaders to facilitate the DVD-based curriculum. While Dr. Del Tackett is not the keynote speaker, Partner Training events are facilitated by Massachusetts Family Institute.

The agenda for each training focuses on training and vision components, the role of a small group leader, the expectations of the small group, and a sampling of the curriculum via DVD.

What to expect:

  • Training on how to facilitate The Truth Project small groups.
  • A sampling of The Truth Project worldview content.
  • Understanding the concept of worldview and its significance in life.
  • Roles and expectations of a small group leader.

Cost for attendees is $99 per individual or couple and includes the entire 8-disc DVD curriculum with Leader Training DVD. If you have already completed The Truth Project, you may attend the training as a refresher free-of-charge (no DVDs will be provided).

Upcoming Partner Training Events:

Massachusetts Family Institute conducts two training events annually. Our next training will take place this fall at a location to be determined. Check back here for more details, or subscribe to our email updates to get the latest. 

We have trained and equipped more than 200 pastors and ministry leaders in the past year to teach The Truth Project curriculum in their churches. If your church is interested in learning more about hosting a Truth Project Training Event or you would like to request an event, please call us at 781.569.0400.