Action Center

Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) is working hard to inform, educate, and motivate Bay Staters to effectively engage the culture. We decipher what is happening in government, then strive to inform and equip you to make your voice heard on the social issues impacting our families and our shared values. We know from years of experience that when you speak whether by email, letter, or a phone message — elected officials listen.

In this Action Center, we offer ways you can easily make your voice heard. Please get involved through the action items below!

Active Issues

Help Stop the new Infanticide Act

Abortion activists are trying to sneak major provisions of the Infanticide Act into the budge this week!  You may be hearing that Amendment #759 to H5150 is not as extreme as the Roe Act, but that’s simply not true.

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Help Stop the Sex-Ed Mandate for MA Schools

Massachusetts State legislators are currently considering a bill that would mandate MA schools teaching sex-ed follow a certain set of standards called the Framework.

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Stop Physician-Assisted Suicide in MA

This bill would legalize assisted suicide in Massachusetts, preying on vulnerable, terminally ill patients as well as the elderly.

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