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War on our military

by mafamily

Friends of the Family, As a combat veteran of the United State Air Force and someone who has lost close friends in battle, each news report about the death of a soldier, sailor or airman overseas affects me in a very personal way. When it was reported that a helicopter was downed in Afghanistan and […]

Where does Scott Brown stand?

by mafamily

Scott Brown is dancing around the issue of funding for Planned Parenthood. While he has stated that he supports “family planning and health services for women,” he has yet to specifically address the Pence Amendment. This amendment would zero-out taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, while leaving other “family planning” funds untouched. Planned Parenthood is the […]

Scott Brown and Planned Parenthood

by mafamily

You and I both know we have had our differences with Senator Scott Brown’s votes since he arrived in Washington, but we continue to hope that federal funding of abortion is one issue we continue to see eye to eye. However, if you were to believe media reports, Brown has come out whole-heartily in support […]

Kris Mineau commends Brown for support of House continuing resolution

by mafamily

Media Release | Massachusetts Family Institute For Immediate Release | March 10, 2011 Kris Mineau, president of Massachusetts Family Institute, commends Sen. Brown for support of pro-life House budget WOBURN– On Wednesday, the Democrat-controlled US Senate failed to approve the House’s continuing resolution to keep the government running. Sen. Scott Brown voted to approve the […]