Sex Ed in MA

MFI believes that the best place for youth to learn about sex is in the home, within the context of a loving and trusting parent-child relationship. Parents are the primary teachers of their children and as such, they are uniquely qualified to provide the moral framework needed for healthy sex education. In our hyper-sexualized culture, students receive many negative messages about sex. Meaningful conversations with parents are the most effective way to counteract these destructive messages and to equip and empower young people to remain abstinent until marriage.

We do acknowledge that not every student has the support they need at home and some students might benefit from biologically based sex education in school. Research has shown that Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) programs produce the best outcomes by encouraging youth to avoid risky behaviors that lead to emotional, physical, and spiritual harm. SRA programs emphasize developing healthy relationships and delaying sexual activity until marriage, communicating the clear message that sexual delay is the only 100% effective way to avoid pregnancy, STIs and other negative consequences of teen sex.

Unfortunately, instead of implementing a healthy SRA approach to sex ed in our public schools, our state legislature, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), Planned Parenthood, and others are pushing to mandate a much different approach to sex ed through the use of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) curriculum. CSE is a specific type of graphic sexuality education that promotes sexual rights for children and serves as a how-to manual, encouraging teens to become sexually active. In fact, nearly 1 in 4 teens who receive this type of sex ed say that it makes them feel like having sex is an expectation. Equally concerning is that CSE is designed to change the sexual and gender norms of society by promoting diverse sexualities and perpetuating the dangerous transgender trend affecting our youth.

Currently in the Commonwealth, teaching sex ed is at the discretion of local school districts and those that do choose to teach it have full control over what curriculum they use. If our legislators and Planned Parenthood have their way though, local control will be taken away and put into the hands of bureaucrats. The Sex-Ed Mandate, SB 318 and HB 673, give full authority to DESE to dictate the use of only CSE curriculum for those districts who decide to include sex ed in their health lessons.

In an effort to mobilize a grassroots movement of parents and concerned citizens to sound the alarm about the implementation of CSE in our schools and to push back against the loss of local control over educational decisions, the Massachusetts Informed Parents (MIP) initiative was launched in the fall of 2019 as an outreach of MFI. MIP endeavors to equip parents to protect their kids through the sharing of relevant information, including articles, research, and exhibits from the curriculum, and by providing tools and strategies for helping parents to effect change in their local communities. MIP is growing a large coalition of parents and faith and community leaders by leveraging the power of social media and by fostering one on one relationships through parent forums being held across the state. To stay informed on issues related to sex education and for updates on the Sex-Ed Mandate legislation, join the MIP group on FB. Contact Mary Ellen Siegler if you would like to schedule a parent forum for your church or community group.

For more information on CSE visit Stop CSE to watch a short movie and to view harm analyses of the curricula.

For more information on SRA curricula visit We Ascend.

Click MIP Parent Forum Flyer to learn more about our parent information forums.

Click MIP Action Item List to learn what you can do to protect your child from CSE being taught in MA public schools.

Use our sample letter to request information about sex ed curriculum being used in your child’s school: Sample Sex Ed Curriculum Request. Forward the information you receive back to Mary Ellen Siegler.

Use our sample letters to opt your child out of sex ed class: English Opt Out Letter and Spanish Opt Our Letter.

Find Out What Sex Ed Curriculum is Being Used in Your District

Resources being used in MA schools to teach sex ed are evaluated to see whether they contain the following harmful elements:

  1. Sexualizes children
  2. Promotes diverse sexualities
  3. Promotes transgenderism
  4. Promotes abortion
  5. Undermines parents or parental rights

Search your school district below.

Gathering information from around the state is an ongoing project. Use this sample email to request information from your district. If you already know what curriculum is in use in your district, but do not see it included on this map, or if you receive a response from a request sent to your district, please contact Mary Ellen Siegler.

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2 days ago


The MA Senate voted 38-1 in favor to mandate the children of the Commonwealth be taught pornographic Comprehensive Sexuality Education in school districts who choose to teach sex ed (this is MOST MA school districts).

The ONLY senator who had the courage to do the right thing was Senator Ryan Fattman. Thank you, Senator Fattman! Call or email him to thank him personally,, (617) 722-1420.

Stay alert! We will need to join together to fight this from going for a vote in the MA House.

Look in the comments below for a link to find your senator and let them know how disappointed you are in their vote.
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The MA Senate voted 38-1 in favor to mandate the children of the Commonwealth be taught pornographic Comprehensive Sexuality Education in school districts who choose to teach sex ed (this is MOST MA school districts).  

The ONLY senator who had the courage to do the right thing was Senator Ryan Fattman. Thank you, Senator Fattman! Call or email him to thank him personally,, (617) 722-1420.

Stay alert! We will need to join together to fight this from going for a vote in the MA House. 

Look in the comments below for a link to find your senator and let them know how disappointed you are in their vote.

Comment on Facebook 🔥‼🔥 MA …

Absolutely horrific!!!

They can't even handle teaching the basics. There's no excuse for this other than indoctrination

These people are evil

Ryan Fattman thank you for standing up to protect the children of the Commonwealth from sexualization in school!

Why the hell would anyone vote yes to this?!? I think we should leave this up to the parents to decide these kind of things.

Caitlyn Cruz. Omggggg. Wow !

Totally disgusting

This must be a joke. Who are these people who vote in favor of this???? Do they not have children?!

Evil, evil, evil!

Does anyone know what specifically is going to be taught? I’d love to read the mandate !

Janine Bing

I hate all of them!

I would seriously consider investigating all 38 of those senators. This SCREAMS pedophiles.

Does anyone have a link to the vote

What is the bill number? I’d like to read it.

And the social engineering engine keeps on chugging

Mary Ellen Siegler do you have the bill number for this so I can send yet another email not that I don’t think it does anything! I’ve sent so many they don’t even respond and they clearly don’t care what people think!

What if people pulled their kids and formed coops of learning and paid licensed teachers…start forming more chapter type schools

Every parent should fight this disgusting bill. Vote all these morons out of office. Take your fight to the State house. Protect your children

Please 🙏 call on your school committee members.

Every day I see another reason y homeschooling was such a killer idea. U have got to b kidding me mass. I think the parents r perfectly capable of teacher their children sex Ed at an appropriate age aligned with their families values in mind. Thank u mass( where is the middle finger emoji?)

Mary, "Healthy Futures" teaches over the top sex'ed as well as many districts have already participated in middle schools with the graphic and also WAY over the adult line CTC Youth Survey, LPSD fought for months against the SEC to release a copy I requested saying it was privileged lol it has questions like this one and it's handed out to students from cities and towns BOH's as the data is then collected and analyzed Dedham PS did this with it, and also districts used these VERY adult worksheets in "Come As You Are" regardless of any law passed the ADULT topics to your children have been discussed for decade+ easily 🙁


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2 days ago



Comment on Facebook WORCESTER PUBLIC …


John Monfredo and Dianna Biancheria were the ONLY members of the Worcester school committee who had the common sense and the nerve to vote AGAINST this pornographic curriculum.

Kids no longer have a childhood & the schools are taking away parental control.

WOW!!! people need to understand this is not only Worcester and its definitely not only Massachusetts. This is everywhere, literally part of the bigger global agenda with CRT, Covid, etc. Yes I wrote Covid. It's a massive global agenda. Push back locally on this unacceptable and outrageous curriculum/surveys/book, etc. This stuff is NOT new in schools, private schools too.

It’s everywhere and it’s disgusting. We’ve sacrificed our kids to the crazies in public education who think it’s smart to desensitize children to pornography. They will become victims of sexual abuse or will become abusers themselves if they are taught to think of this stuff as normal.

There's an opt out option parents. We still have a choice

These people are literally not in their right mind’s who is OK with any child being taught this in school!!!!

“Today’s the day!” Today’s the day for what? Is this part of the “can’t opt out” curriculum or can you still opt out of this?

Something is seriously wrong with these people.

Who and what gives these people the right to teach our children about sex?? No one and nothing is the answer! Fight this, never give your children to anyone!!

Ashley Garcia

Any adult that advocates for this pornography or teaches this is guilty of sexual abuse of children and should never be allowed within 100 yard of them ever again

Pedophilia has infiltrated the MA public school system. Somebody needs to say it in a public forum because that is what it is

Is this "Get Real" curriculum?


Carin Duteau

What is their purpose to teach such explicit material to children? I don’t understand their motives, to me this is infuriating! 😡😡😡😡 I’m glad I homeschool my son, who’s never been in one of their concentration camps! 🙏

This is horrifying

Omg. How is this not child abuse????

Stefanie Wood

This is a complete abomination of Education. They are coming after our children from every angle possible.


Also what happens in grade 8 that they skip right over it

Sex-Ed is great. There are a lot of parents that don’t teach their children or shy away from teaching their children. Therefore, it’s a wonderful thing to have well educated teachers teaching about the biological changes of our bodies, procreation and the miracles of birth. However, when you place curriculum written by questionable organizations under public/private partnerships, absent of morals, who are actually teaching from a pleasure perspective rather than purely biological to children… then you’re a criminal paedophile. And you should have your childhood education degree completely revoked and immediately terminated and charged accordingly

Its not their place to talk/teach those things to our kids. THATS MY JOB HOW EXPLICIT AND WHEN😡

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2 days ago

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Comment on Facebook 1212262702624062


Communism folks Straight out of the Manifesto and the Police are just as guilty. The BS line of “following orders” is not a defense.

1 week ago

Is there an opt out pronoun form available? See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 691040948079576_1210274459489553

No bc Massachusetts wants to MANDATE SEX ED. NO OPT OUT aka health class.

You can opt-out of sex ed, but check out the comments under JJ Marie's question below. There are some helpful resources and actions listed.

Anyone knows if this is happening in all school in mass? Starting which grade?

I am an "it".

What does this mean. An opt out pronoun form?

If you tell your kids to say their pp is Trump Won, I bet you anything that they will never ask again! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Call me “Queen” 😂


The poor teachers that have to keep track of this. 😟

Just tell them to say (in a very childlike voice “My dad’s a gynecologist & he looks at vaginas alllll day. He says boys have a penis, girls have a vagina” (Kindergarten Cop)

Nope Well there is homeschooling😜

My son will tell people he's a dog and bark at them sometimes. I'm ok with it in this situation.

Does anyone have the public school curriculum for first grade health? I was shocked to hear my 6 year old has health as a special once a week. The teacher couldn’t (or wouldn’t) even tell us what to expect.

What happened to our lovely country?


Just don’t comply

They are pressuring for this at the vote here?

Had to send this email out to the teachers i work with.. They are trying to do this without parents knowing.

It is hard to know how to properly pray for people.

Request the pronouns to be in Chinese.

Anyone knows if this is happening in NH as well??

We are forming home schooling groups in our local community. You can too !!

Hi Everyone, we are starting a high-school out of our church. We are in the process of getting approval. our website is We are looking for senior events to get our Seniors involved in, please let me know of any.

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6 days ago

They don’t want this on social media…why? Why drag queen storytime? Indoctrination. See MoreSee Less

They dont want this on social media...why? Why drag queen storytime? Indoctrination.

Comment on Facebook They don't want this…

“In the hopes of avoiding attracting such negative attention”. Put a call in to the library or write a letter! There are other ways of teaching kindness to all without dragging sexual exploration into it!


Yeah I don't get the appeal of drag queen story time.

Leave the kids alone

Even if they did not post this on their Facebook page, can people still leave comments about it?

Damn it too late to protest

And there are STILL parents that don’t believe this sh*t is happening in MA schools?!?! Some guy dressed as an woman in a dress with his schlong hanging out reading to elementary school kids….wonderful!

These sickos need to leave the kids alone

Honestly, I find more fault with parents who take their kids to this than I do with the library for offering it. If there were no demand for it, it wouldn't be offered. The library is giving the people what they want.

Of course the library is keeping a “no advertising” strategy when promoting child pornography and the satanic sexualization of children. And don’t be fooled, there is no “demand” for this evil. It is one or two perverts posing as “educators” who are calling libraries everywhere asking and most likely threatening to bring their sickness into the rotation of the kid programs

Parents need to put down their gd phones for a minute and pay attention. Take a look at who or what is owning the hearts and minds of their children. This is child abuse plain and simple. Your parents wouldn’t let you within 100 yards of these dangerous deviants when you were growing up. Be a parent not an appeaser,

Absolutely disgusting!!’ Why are the libraries allowing this?? Just happened in Plymouth and no one could stand against it because they didn’t know it was happening 😡

Are there any good men in Needham who would go to this event, dressed well, to observe and be ready to protect children from predators?

This is so creepy and weird.

There should be a "DEFUND THE LIBRARY" protest on the day they have these events….at ANY library, ANYWHERE!

Burn up the phone lines! 781-455-7559

Jodie Mycko

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1 week ago

Anyone know if you can refrain from having your child announcing preferred pronouns in classes? Or have experience dealing with schools doing this? See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 691040948079576_1209867112863621

Following Were not giving in to that crap, and my kids know who they are. I will be irritated as hell if our school does anything about making kids fall for this too

My son told me yesterday he was asked in class what his pronouns are. He told me he didn’t know what to say so he said “I’m a boy”. 😩

There is an opt out form. Go to Massachusetts informed parents. MAry Siegler

PM'd you!

Good grief. Where is this?

My son, a freshman in high school how to write that down in one of his classes. I wish I knew there was an opt out form. Also, my two younger boys are taking a homeschooling class and the teacher wanted an introduction including their pronouns. I just ignored that part.

My 15 year old son was asked by his English teacher (I don't know why but in my experience, it's always the English teachers) and he laughed and said, "I'm a guy" and she glared at him. Who knew it was so offensive to state your gender 🤷‍♀️

Confront them with science: XX, XY.

What this is a thing now ? Yikes…

First Amendment applies both ways.

My son went through this 2 years ago in high school. After repeatedly stating "I'm obviously a boy" and the teacher repeating "I can't assume that, you need to state your gender and pronouns" he said "I'm a dinosuar chicken nugget, rawr". So, I got a call. I defended him. Same teacher called when he refused to write 12 paragraphs because he is a boy, while the girls wrote 6 paragraphs to teach the boys what it's like to be a girl and have to work twice as hard, and I was like "wait… aren't you the lady that said he had to choose what he is? What assignment did you give to the dinosaur chicken nuggets?" Never heard from her again. We have found that just being ridiculous back is the way to go.

I'd pronoun is PATRIOT.

My grandchildren have all been instructed to say, it’s none of your business, you’ll be hearing from my parents

Karla K Kelley

I wouldn't put ANYTHING in writing. That's a data point and there is too much information leaving the district. GIVE Them NOTHING.

Wait what?

My daughter tells people shes an apache attack helecopter

I can’t believe the direction we’re heading. It’s gone so far so fast. God help us and our children, grandchildren…

I was told by another mother that has a child in my son's class that on the 1st day they had to announce what their name was and what their pronoun is! This is the 4th grade!!!!! My son has special needs but her son came home asking what a pronoun was!? What are we allowing!? Who can I speak to about this? How about stick to reading, writing, science (real), math and history (real)! I'm so sick over this!

Please take your child out if this is happening! It's child abuse! Don't let it happen!


I’m so sorry for all of you, I’m so grateful my kids are all grown up. Now I’m worried about future grands but hopefully by then science will come back into schools and feelings will be taught at home and church

Have them make a joke out of it. My son said his are Kobe and Bryant one day and another day he said "Among Us" after the video game.

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