Sex Ed in MA

MFI believes that the best place for youth to learn about sex is in the home, within the context of a loving and trusting parent-child relationship. Parents are the primary teachers of their children and as such, they are uniquely qualified to provide the moral framework needed for healthy sex education. In our hyper-sexualized culture, students receive many negative messages about sex. Meaningful conversations with parents are the most effective way to counteract these destructive messages and to equip and empower young people to remain abstinent until marriage.

We do acknowledge that not every student has the support they need at home and some students might benefit from biologically based sex education in school. Research has shown that Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) programs produce the best outcomes by encouraging youth to avoid risky behaviors that lead to emotional, physical, and spiritual harm. SRA programs emphasize developing healthy relationships and delaying sexual activity until marriage, communicating the clear message that sexual delay is the only 100% effective way to avoid pregnancy, STIs and other negative consequences of teen sex.

Unfortunately, instead of implementing a healthy SRA approach to sex ed in our public schools, our state legislature, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), Planned Parenthood, and others are pushing to mandate a much different approach to sex ed through the use of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) curriculum. CSE is a specific type of graphic sexuality education that promotes sexual rights for children and serves as a how-to manual, encouraging teens to become sexually active. In fact, nearly 1 in 4 teens who receive this type of sex ed say that it makes them feel like having sex is an expectation. Equally concerning is that CSE is designed to change the sexual and gender norms of society by promoting diverse sexualities and perpetuating the dangerous transgender trend affecting our youth.

Currently in the Commonwealth, teaching sex ed is at the discretion of local school districts and those that do choose to teach it have full control over what curriculum they use. If our legislators and Planned Parenthood have their way though, local control will be taken away and put into the hands of bureaucrats. The Sex-Ed Mandate, SB 318 and HB 673, give full authority to DESE to dictate the use of only CSE curriculum for those districts who decide to include sex ed in their health lessons.

In an effort to mobilize a grassroots movement of parents and concerned citizens to sound the alarm about the implementation of CSE in our schools and to push back against the loss of local control over educational decisions, the Massachusetts Informed Parents (MIP) initiative was launched in the fall of 2019 as an outreach of MFI. MIP endeavors to equip parents to protect their kids through the sharing of relevant information, including articles, research, and exhibits from the curriculum, and by providing tools and strategies for helping parents to effect change in their local communities. MIP is growing a large coalition of parents and faith and community leaders by leveraging the power of social media and by fostering one on one relationships through parent forums being held across the state. To stay informed on issues related to sex education and for updates on the Sex-Ed Mandate legislation, join the MIP group on FB. Contact Mary Ellen Siegler if you would like to schedule a parent forum for your church or community group.

For more information on CSE visit Stop CSE to watch a short movie and to view harm analyses of the curricula.

For more information on SRA curricula visit We Ascend.

Click MIP Parent Forum Flyer to learn more about our parent information forums.

Click MIP Action Item List to learn what you can do to protect your child from CSE being taught in MA public schools.

Use our sample letter to request information about sex ed curriculum being used in your child’s school: Sample Sex Ed Curriculum Request. Forward the information you receive back to Mary Ellen Siegler.

Use our sample letters to opt your child out of sex ed class: English Opt Out Letter and Spanish Opt Our Letter.

Find Out What Sex Ed Curriculum is Being Used in Your District

Resources being used in MA schools to teach sex ed are evaluated to see whether they contain the following harmful elements:

  1. Sexualizes children
  2. Promotes diverse sexualities
  3. Promotes transgenderism
  4. Promotes abortion
  5. Undermines parents or parental rights

Search your school district below.

Gathering information from around the state is an ongoing project. Use this sample email to request information from your district. If you already know what curriculum is in use in your district, but do not see it included on this map, or if you receive a response from a request sent to your district, please contact Mary Ellen Siegler.

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4 days ago

My 4th grader’s class was going to have "super hero" day tomorrow and the teacher encouraged the kids to come to school dressed as a superhero. My son informed me this evening, however, that his teacher postponed super hero day and will instead have "pride day" tomorrow, and the kids are encouraged to wear rainbow clothing. I know this is inappropriate and I am NOT in favor of encouraging this in class. I would like to address it with the teacher and administration, but I’m trying to find the right argument that cannot be dismissed with a simple accusation of bigotry. Suggestions please?
UPDATE: I sent him to school in regular clothes with nothing that could possibly resemble rainbow colors even a little. I told him if anyone asks why he’s not wearing rainbow colors, he should tell them "we don’t celebrate pride." At the end of the day, he said no one said anything. Regardless, I will be addressing this with the superintendent and board.
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Comment on Facebook 691040948079576_1142136339636699

I would stick with religious exemption

I think in order to be inclusive, all orientations should be represented. Dress him in pink and blue for straight pride. 🙃

Thank you for this important question. I would keep your child home from school that day, so they do not have to participate. Also, I would politely communicate to school officials and your child's teacher that it is not in the purview of the school to address issues of sexuality or gender, nor to force children to participate in promoting ideas that may go against their families' deeply held beliefs. The school's job is to teach reading, writing, and math. Schools are for teaching academics, not for facilitating activism.

Ignore everything. Don’t dress him up specially one way or the other. “Didn’t want to participate” is also a valid choice.

I would keep mine home

Additionally, I would gather like-minded parents, perhaps by creating a private FB group and plan to begin addressing these issues with coordinated effort, for example, writing letters to school officials, attending school committee meetings and requesting policy changes, creating opt out movements, etc.

Protest is your right. Keep him home… or if you’re bold, have him wear a shirt promoting the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Good job, Lynette. Let me know how things go with the school administration. I apologize for not responding to your post immediately when you submitted it. I was away on vacation. 🙂

Have you considered homeschooling? This is going to continue to happen in the future.

I don't know what the solution would have been other than already suggested and maintaining a degree of separation from the ways of the world today, but I support you 100% on this. 🙂

Can i ask which school district? I'm moving to Franklin MA in a few weeks and my children will be attending that school district. Would be nice to find other parents that don't support this in the district. Supporting one another is necessary

4th grade?

Where are you located? I know a moderately priced Christian school

Where are you?

Rebecca Marie

Wow this is insane. But good to hear that you did not dress your child in rainbow colors.

I would say against your religion. You believe what the bible says. I would try not to go in and use "hate" word etc. I think let people be who they are but that isn't what you want your son to see now in his life.

My son is in high school and he wore blue line headband and a freedom UA shirt with red white and blue

100% inappropriate doesn’t belong in the school. You just have to follow a curriculum curriculum director will tell you if that what she is trying to teach is part of the curriculum if it isn’t then she needs to stop

ASk them for a Christian day. Celebrate Christians. THen get an attorney and sue them for viewpoint discrimination if they refuse. Time to fight back.

Why must our children be taught to celebrate someone’s sexual identity choice? As adults, do as you want. As adults, also do as you want with your children. Say no to indoctrination.

😱 I would do the same thing!!! 4th graders should not be learning about this!


We want healthy and kind children that care for self and others. Humble kids. Pride is the opposite of humility. It's taking the glory that belongs to God alone and keeping it for ourselves. Pride essentially is self-worship. May the Lord guide you as you seek His will.

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6 days ago

Love this…an anonymous group of parents have these message yielding trucks in front of 7 NYC prep schools today…4-5 rotating messages about CRT and indoctrination…awesome… See MoreSee Less

Love anonymous group of parents have these message yielding trucks in front of 7 NYC prep schools today...4-5 rotating messages about CRT and indoctrination...awesome...

Comment on Facebook Love this…an …



Wow! Love to see it.

What a way to ensure they are heard

It’s so great to see people with the confidence to speak up.

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4 days ago

Did F B take down the post about the "superhero" day? See MoreSee Less

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No, it is still there. Scroll the group. It went away for a little bit since the person who posted it made an edit and the edit had to be approved by an admin before it appeared again in the group. 🙂

I just read it

3 weeks ago

Is there a possibility this could be forced into private schools? Are they looking to do that too? See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 691040948079576_1132318613951805

Mary Lou Rocha, thank you for your important question. Yes, CSE and LGBTQ coercive policies are being implemented in some private schools and unfortunately, some religious schools as well. I have received firsthand reports from parents.

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