MA schools are sexualizing students through the use of comprehensive sexuality education curriculum currently being taught in health class.

MFI believes that the best place for youth to learn about sex is in the home, within the context of a loving and trusting parent-child relationship.

Parents are the primary teachers of their children and as such, they are uniquely qualified to provide the moral framework needed for healthy sex education.

In our hyper-sexualized culture, students receive many negative messages about sex.

Meaningful conversations with parents are the most effective way to counteract these destructive messages and to equip and empower young people to remain abstinent until marriage.

We do acknowledge that not every student has the support they need at home and some students might benefit from biologically based sex education in school. Research has shown that Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) programs produce the best outcomes by encouraging youth to avoid risky behaviors that lead to emotional, physical, and spiritual harm. SRA programs emphasize developing healthy relationships and delaying sexual activity until marriage, communicating the clear message that sexual delay is the only 100% effective way to avoid pregnancy, STIs and other negative consequences of teen sex.


MA law allows parents to opt their children out of sex ed lessons and surveys. Many surveys being given to students include sexual content. Use our sample opt out letters.

Some content presented in school, through storybooks read in elementary classrooms, school assemblies, and other classroom activities conflicts with families' beliefs regarding human sexuality and gender. Use our sample teacher letter to request an accommodation to opt your children out of these activities.

Sex Ed and Surveys Know your rights

As the parent of a child in a MA primary or secondary public school, you have the right to opt out of sex ed lessons and surveys. Read our informative PDF.

Ed Sex Conoce Tus Derechos

Los padres tienen derecho a excluir a sus hijos de la educación sexual y las encuestas en las escuelas públicas. Lea nuestro PDF informativo.

Sexually Explicit Content in Schools

Despite what you may hear from your local school officials, nothing in MA law requires schools to provide children with sexually explicit books or lessons.

What Sex Ed Curriculum is Being Used in Your District?

Resources being used in MA schools to teach sex ed are evaluated to see whether they contain the following harmful elements:

  1. Sexualizes children
  2. Promotes diverse sexualities
  3. Promotes transgenderism
  4. Promotes abortion
  5. Undermines parents or parental rights

Search your school district on our interactive Sex Ed Map:

Gathering information from around the state is an ongoing project. Use this sample email to request information from your district. If you already know what curriculum is in use in your district, but do not see it included on this map, or if you receive a response from a request sent to your district, please contact Mary Ellen Siegler.

So NOW what?

Unfortunately, instead of implementing a healthy SRA approach to sex ed in our public schools, our state legislature, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), Planned Parenthood, and others are pushing to mandate a much different approach to sex ed through the use of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) curriculum. CSE is a specific type of graphic sexuality education that promotes sexual rights for children and serves as a how-to manual, encouraging teens to become sexually active. 

In fact, nearly 1 in 4 teens who receive this type of sex ed say that it makes them feel like having sex is an expectation. Equally concerning is that CSE is designed to change the sexual and gender norms of society by promoting diverse sexualities and perpetuating the dangerous transgender trend affecting our youth.

Get involved at Massachusetts Informed Parents on Facebook!

Join 1,000s of Bay State parents who want to stay informed about issues related to sex education in MA schools. Become a member of the Massachusetts Informed Parents Facebook group, equipping parents, protecting kids. 

Massachusetts Informed Parents | Facebook

In an effort to mobilize a grassroots movement of parents and concerned citizens to sound the alarm about the implementation of CSE in our schools and to push back against the loss of local control over educational decisions, the Massachusetts Informed Parents (MIP) initiative was launched in the fall of 2019 as an outreach of MFI. MIP endeavors to equip parents to protect their kids through the sharing of relevant information, including articles, research, and exhibits from the curriculum, and by providing tools and strategies for helping parents to effect change in their local communities. MIP is growing a large coalition of parents and faith and community leaders by leveraging the power of social media and by fostering one on one relationships through parent forums being held across the state. To stay informed on issues related to sex education and for updates on the Sex-Ed Mandate legislation, join the MIP group on FB. Contact Mary Ellen Siegler if you would like to schedule a parent forum for your church or community group.

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7 hours ago

I saw this flag posted in an ELEMENTARY school in Chelsea today. SMH See MoreSee Less

I saw this flag posted in an ELEMENTARY school in Chelsea today. SMH

25 CommentsComment on Facebook

Is in almost in every school my daughter told me the have the flag almost in every classroom

Want to get upset ? Drive by the Natick high school and look at what is under the American flag 🇺🇸 on the flag pole.

Wait till you here what goes on inside….

Where is the Christian Flag?

So those kids with gay parents should feel unwelcome? Just curious the thinking here

Sexual flags should not be allowed in schools. School is not about sexual orientation. There doesn’t need to be a signal in every classroom. ALL are welcome and accepted.

Let's put promise above the flag

If we are going to hang one flag in schools, all flags should be hung. Or stick to only the American flag.

I’m confused does no one want their kids to learn acceptance of other people ? I don’t think that hanging a flag means they are forcing anything on anyone.. but please correct me if I’m wrong. I am just not seeing why everyone is so upset with this?

I see a flag that is a reminder of God's covenant "It shall come about, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow will be seen in the cloud, and I will remember My covenant, which is between Me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and never again shall the water become a flood to destroy all flesh." Gen 9:14‭-‬15 NASB1995

That flag has a place, but not in a school.

This is where I have issue. I’m Hispanic and this is contrary to what I understood as diversity. I grew up in Providence. I’m first generation Dominican-American. I went to school with Italians, Portuguese, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Guatemalans. Cambodians, Cape Verdeans, etc. We weren’t aware what side of the political aisle our teachers were on, or to whom they went home to or were attracted to. Then again, I’m 51. I’m just waiting to see how they will recognize Hispanic Heritage Month which runs from 9/15-10/15. The lack of recognition for true diversity is deafening.

They should be arrested for pushing sex.

Its a cult

Probably ban the U.S. flag though.

Better idea, ask them to hang a Christian flag. When they refuse FILE A COMPLAINT;

The school knows children are going to ask and they think they have the right to explain in detail what the flag means to a 5-8 yr old. So basically the parent has no rights! You won’t find that in my elementary school in NH! Our principle reassured me that their job is to let children just be kids! Adult conversations like this are not allowed!

Natick Elementary, middle and high schools now have a gay/trans flag under American flag outside the schools. I don’t know why we need special flags now. The American flag covers liberty and Justice for all!

The governor approved a new curriculum for public schools and it's all about LGBT…

Is it ok to hang BLM flags or Christian flags or the flag of Islam to support those groups?

only one flag should fly in schools other than a school flag is the united states of america flag 🇺🇸

We have one on each side of the middle school building, in the the elementary school lobby and Natick hangs it under the American flag at every school

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7 hours ago

I emailed my District's superintendent asking if he plans on implementing the new CSE framework. His response was, in part:

"As with any new curriculum framework, we will begin the work of reviewing it and making determinations regarding how it might be implemented in our school district… any aspects of this particular framework that fall under existing law or policy re: parental notification and the right to opt out will be followed."

He then invited me to share my concerns with him. I haven't responded.

Should I respond via email? Use a different method? I was polite in my initial request and want to continue to be as much as possible.
See MoreSee Less

8 CommentsComment on Facebook

Always email

Also, I was told yesterday, any new curriculum, dese has to help pay for…. so it might take some time for any rollout….

This is a great start to further communication with him. I would encourage you to continue to respond. Email is good in the sense that it creates a record of your correspondence, but if he would be open to meeting with you, that could also be helpful. Meeting face to face humanizes the discussion and helps him to see your concern. If you meet with him I would recommend taking notes and sending a follow-up email that reiterates the content of the meeting so that you both have some record of it. I don't know what aspects of the Framework personally concern you, but I think spelling out those concerns as well as why you have those concerns is very helpful. You are welcome to use anything we have posted in MIP, or any of the information in these two documents, as a starting point: Just be aware that the page numbers referenced on these documents are no longer accurate because they are based on the draft Framework and the finalized version is structured slightly differently.

Did you specifically ask about parental notification and opting out or is that information he volunteered? I plan on reaching out to our superintendent as well.

They are all going to implement it because there is an opt out option. Which is fine but then we need to ask what will they do for the kids that opt out. They need to provide them some constructive learning. I suggested to my SC they off Opt IN instead. The amount of kids to deal with is a lot less…but I got no there ya go…

write to him, school committee/council, local selectmen/mayor. show up at the meetings. stand with signs to show what is going on. best wishes.

What district are you

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7 hours ago

Does anyone have a link to the curriculum that got approved? I’d like to read it more in depth so I can have specific examples to send in an email! Thanks! See MoreSee Less

1 CommentComment on Facebook

What was approved was a framework that includes the standards for Health and Physical Education. The document itself doesn't include any curriculum because local districts select their own curriculum and resources. I believe DESE will release a list of recommended curriculum and resources, but they have not done that yet. Here is a link to the Framework that was approved: (please note: this link opens a downloaded file)

7 hours ago

Great group!
Up here in Maine we are with you until the end.
Regarding last meeting report…
How many remember their parent or another adult as a kid say, “yep, they know best”, in a sarcastic manner? Except our arguments always win in fair debates and our way of life has won out for centuries. That’s why they require censoring and intimidation.
See MoreSee Less

Great group! 
Up here in Maine we are with you until the end.
Regarding last meeting report…
How many remember their parent or another adult as a kid say, “yep, they know best”, in a sarcastic manner? Except our arguments always win in fair debates and our way of life has won out for centuries. That’s why they require censoring and intimidation.
7 hours ago

I saw this in another group. See MoreSee Less

I saw this in another group.

1 CommentComment on Facebook

Nice! This is Massachusetts Family Institute's opt out. It's the one we recommend. The online version is here:

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