New polling shows close campaign on assisted suicide

The polling firm Public Policy Polling (PPP), a left-leaning group, has found that a slim majority of voters support physician-assisted suicide. Forth-three (43) percent of respondents said they would vote yes on the question this November, with thirty-seven percent saying they were against the proposed law.
The interesting part of this survey, as highlighted by Boston Magazine, is that men and women with elderly parents were much more supportive of doctor-prescribed suicide than those their parent’s age. The most support of any age group were those between the ages of 46 and 65, with 49 percent backing the bill. Those older than 65 were the most opposed with only 32% SUPPORTING the proposed law. (NOTE: Why are we surprised?)
“So it looks like those with elderly parents think physician-assisted suicide should be OK, while those elderly parents themselves don’t want the option to pick when they see the reaper,” wrote Casey Lyons on the Boston Magazine blog.
If approved, Massachusetts would be only the fourth state to back the practice of doctor’s prescribing an intentional overdose that would kill their patient. Oregon, Washington and Montana are the other three states. Massachusetts Family Institute is fully engaged in this fight, and will continue to work to educate the public on the significant negatives of the legalization of assisted suicide, including the high risk of abuse.
Source: Boston Magazine


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