Meet Our Staff

Andrew Beckwith


A devout Christian, faithful husband and loving father, Andrew Beckwith deeply shares our family values, most especially the sanctity of life and the definition of marriage. No stranger to our mission, Andrew previously served on the MFI Board for three years where his leadership and wisdom were greatly valued.

Andrew is a graduate of Gordon College and the University of Minnesota Law School and serves as an allied attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom focusing on religious liberty cases. He also serves as a judge advocate in the United States Marine Corps Reserve where he holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Prior to coming to MFI, he litigated immigration cases for the Boston office of the Department of Homeland Security. Andrew, his wife Karen, and their four children live in Wenham.

Michael King​

Director of Community Alliances

Michael King is a committed follower of Jesus and recognizes that the Christian’s exhortation to be salt and light includes both extending the gospel of Jesus as well as standing up for the righteous precepts of the Bible in the private and public square. He agrees with the founding fathers that for a civil democracy to survive, it must have at its foundation a morality based on the Bible. Michael is husband to his treasured wife, Ashley and father to five wonderful children. Previously, before coming to MFI as their Director of Community Alliances, Michael served as Family Ministries Director at a local church and Principal of a K – 12th Christian school. Michael has his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Messiah College and Master’s degree in Christian Leadership from Liberty University.

Michael looks forward to continue to network with local pastors and leaders in the church to educate and motivate people to stand up for righteousness in the public square. The main focus to accomplish this task will be to promote MFI’s groundbreaking book, Engage the Bay State, which clearly defines the culture war we find ourselves in today between the precepts of the Bible and secular human thinking.  Michael and the team at MFI hope to inspire Christians to engage with their local government leaders and inspire Biblical decisions to be made in regard to such foundational cultural institutions like marriage, life and religious liberty. On a side note, Michael enjoys spending time with his family, a competitive game of basketball and fishing.

Luz Burgos-Ortiz​

Office Manager

Luz Burgos-Ortiz is an earnest Christian with a strong love and passion for helping marriages and families stay united and healthy. Before joining MFI, Luz spent the past fifteen years of her life assisting individuals and families by providing job readiness training as well as job placement.

Luz and her husband Rafael currently serve as pastors for Arise City Church in Lowell where they tend to the overall needs of their community. In doing so, they support the vision of the church to empower people to seek God, discover freedom and arise to their God-given purpose. Her commitment to the institution of family is therefore reinforced and strengthened through her service at Arise City Church as well as Massachusetts Family Institute.

Mary Ellen Siegler​

Director of Communications and Research

Mary Ellen Siegler is a devoted follower of Jesus, wife to her wonderful husband Bill, and mother to three amazing people. She is a passionate advocate for the traditional family, the sanctity of life, and parental rights, especially in regard to directing the education of their children. Understanding the importance of passing the gospel baton to the next generation, Mary Ellen loves to encourage and empower parents to raise their children with a biblical worldview. 

As a home educator, Mary Ellen has served in leadership in the local homeschooling community on various boards, as a tutor in a classical educational community and as a speech and debate coach. Her writing has been featured on Homeschool Compass. She holds a professional certification as a Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialist, which enables her to promote an educational approach based on the public health model of primary prevention, empowering youth to avoid all the risks of pre-marital sexual activity. Through the Massachusetts Informed Parents initiative she equips parents to protect their children from the harmful sexual ideological content being taught in public schools through Comprehensive Sexuality Education curriculum. Mary Ellen also serves alongside her husband Bill as a missionary for Chosen People Ministries and holds a bachelor’s degree in Missions and Bible. In her leisure time, she enjoys spending time with her family, photography, relaxing by the ocean, reading, and watching British drama.