Boston and San Francisco, Often Simpatico, Split on Abortion

Martha Bebinger / WBUR / Friday, November 29, 2019

Massachusetts officials are struggling to understand why the state has been blacklisted by San Francisco over the state’s abortion laws.

Last month, San Francisco officials announced a ban on travel by city employees to Massachusetts and 21 other states whose abortion laws were deemed too restrictive by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. The ban starts Jan. 1, 2020. San Francisco will not allow city contracts with Massachusetts-based companies after that date either…

…The blacklist is triggering a wide range of reactions, from business leaders who mutter about crazy times in San Francisco, to this from Andrew Beckwith, president of the Massachusetts Family Institute, a group that opposes abortion rights.

“Massachusetts already loses over 18,000 of its unborn children every year to abortion,” he said. “How many more will it take to satisfy the mayor of San Francisco?”



Family Group Defeats Planned Parenthood Using Abortionists’ Own Words

WND Staff / World Net Daily / Saturday, November 30, 2019

An official for a pro-family organization that recently blocked Planned Parenthood’s radical “Making Proud Choices” sex-ed curriculum from a public school says the victory was obtained by employing the truth and the abortionists’ own words.

Michael King, director of community alliances at the Massachusetts Family Institutewrote in a Daily Signal column that parents in a “blue state” defeated Planned Parenthood at least partly by quoting from its own definition of “abstinence,” or “safe sex,” at a public meeting in February.

Only a few of the descriptions of “safe sex” can be mentioned in print, among them are “grinding, sex with clothes on, rubbing bodies, body massage, strip tease.”

King said Worcester, the second largest city in Massachusetts, was the scene of a “sex-ed showdown between Planned Parenthood and concerned parents and church leaders.”



Infanticide Legislation is Spreading in a Deep Blue State

Virginia Allen / The Daily Signal / Monday, November 25, 2019

Andrew Beckwith calls a proposed law in Massachusetts what it is—a prescription for infanticide. Beckwith, president of the Massachusetts Family Institute, explains why this bill would endanger women’s health and allow abortions to occur up to, and even during, delivery.

Beckwith also discusses his institute’s effort to stand against transgender legislation. And he explains a new Massachusetts law that places a counseling ban on licensed mental health professionals, stopping them from helping children feel comfortable in their own bodies. Read the lightly edited transcript below or listen to the podcast:




Lynn School Committee votes to offer free contraceptives across district

Mark Ockerbloom / Boston25News / Friday, Novemeber 15, 2019

The Lynn School Committee voted unanimously on Thursday night to make contraceptives free and accessible to students across the district.

Condoms, birth control and emergency contraception will be made available soon to students at the district’s three high schools – Lynn Classical, Lynn English and Lynn Tech. Parental consent will not be a requirement for students to obtain these contraceptives…

…Others, however, only think this will further increase the problem of teen pregnancy and STD spreading. However, that has been proven wrong, and even the CDC says there is evidence to support that educating teens about sexual health decreases the rate of teen pregnancies. 

“It’s crazy that you would need parental consent for a Tylenol but not for something that can have such great health risks,” said Michael King of the Massachusetts Family Institute.



Massachusetts school district to offer emergency contraception, birth control to students

Douglas Hook / MassLive / Friday, November 15, 2019

High school students in one Massachusetts city will now have regular access to condoms, birth control and emergency contraception through the public school district.

Lynn School Committee members voted unanimously to approve stocking different methods of birth control to be provided to students upon request.

Lynn Community Health Center clinicians can now offer condoms, dispense oral contraceptives, inject Depo-Provera and provide Plan B emergency contraception to students…

…A study by the Massachusetts Family Institute has shown that young mothers are less likely to attain a high school diploma or college degree and achieve economic security. They are also more likely to be in need of government benefits than young women from similar backgrounds who delay motherhood.


Lynn High Schools to Provide Birth Control to Combat High Teen Pregnancy Rate

Kathryn Sotnik / NBC Boston / Thursday, November 14, 2019

A unanimous vote by the Lynn school committee Thursday night will make condoms, birth control and emergency contraceptives available at high schools in the Massachusetts city.

The meeting room was packed with parents giving their input, many concerned it’s taking away their parental rights…

… Also in attendance was Michael King of the Massachusetts Family Institute, which is disappointed with the outcome.

“If you look at the New England Journal of Medicine, they came out with a study in 2017 with the increased risk of breast cancer for prolonged use of these hormonal contraceptives, so there’s a lot to talk about, and we don’t think that information is getting to the kids,” King said.



ROE Act Supporters, Opponents Active on Hill

Chris Van Buskirk / State House News Service / Wednesday, October 30, 2019

“When I grew up, I was told there are three things you don’t discuss in polite company: sex, religion, and politics. Abortion is the intersection of all three. So, it can be tough to speak out about this issue at work, at school,” Massachusetts Family Institute president Andrew Beckwith said Wednesday at a “celebration of life” event in the State House Great Hall.

ROE Act opponents gathered Wednesday to rally against legislation that would remove obstacles and expand access to abortion and women’s reproductive health.

Billerica Republican Rep. Marc Lombardo, Renew Massachusetts Coalition, and Mass. Citizens for Life and the Mass. Family Institute hosted the third annual “celebration of life” to update the public and share information about pregnancy centers in the state. Over 100 attendees listened as speakers promoted pro-life sentiments and denounced the act that one attendee called the “infanticide bill.”



Massachusetts Bill Would Legalize Abortions Up to Birth, Allow Infanticide

Micaiah Bilger / Life News / Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Massachusetts abortion activists upped the pressure this week on state lawmakers to pass a bill legalizing abortions for basically any reason up to birth…

…On Wednesday, Massachusetts Citizens for Life, the Massachusetts Family Institute and other pro-life organizations plan to hold a press conference in the State House to oppose the Roe Act and affirm the need for pro-life options for women and children.

The bill is similar to legislation that passed earlier this year in New York, Vermont, Rhode Island and Illinois.



Pro-lifers hoping to stop ‘Infanticide Act’ 

Chris Woodward / One News Now / Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The head of a public policy organization dedicated to strengthening families tells why pro-lifers in Massachusetts are gathering today in the Great Hall of the State House.

“We are bringing pro-life activists from across the commonwealth to the State House to do two things,” says Andrew Beckwith, president of Massachusetts Family Institute. “One, we really want to promote and raise awareness about the phenomenal work that so many of our pregnancy resource centers are doing. But also, this is all being done in the context of these infanticide bills, radical late-term abortion bills that are sweeping different parts of the country.”

In Massachusetts, legislators are discussing a measure known as the Roe Act.

“That would get rid of the requirement under current law for parental consent for a minor to have an abortion,” Beckwith explains. “It takes late-term abortions out of hospitals and puts them into clinics, [and] it also removes the requirement that doctors do their best to preserve the life of a child who survives abortion at age 24 weeks or beyond, which is why it’s appropriately called by our side the Infanticide Act.”

State Representative Marc Lombardo (R-22nd Middlesex), Friends of the Unborn, Massachusetts Citizens for Life, and Renew Massachusetts Coalition are joining Massachusetts Family Institute for a press conference today.

“Come to the State House and be prepared to talk with the pregnancy resource center volunteers and staffers, and then take that message to your state representative and state senator,” says Beckwith. “Use it as an opportunity to talk to the elected officials that represent you, to make sure they’re aware for the great work that these pregnancy resource centers are doing, especially if their district or community.”

Finally, he encourages pro-lifers to let the representatives know they are not in favor of this Roe Act.



James Younger to have Texas judge decide fate over gender transition battle

Jeff Kuhner / The Kuhner Report / Friday, October 25, 2019

Jeffrey T. Kuhner, “Liberalism’s Worst Nightmare,” is a conservative nationalist, who champions God, country and family. His show deals
with cutting-edge, hot-button political, social and foreign policy issues.

[Tune to minute 28:30 to hear from MFI President Andrew Beckwith].



Mass. lawmakers want tighter rules for vaccines

Christian Wade / Newburyport News / Monday, September 16, 2019

Donato and Rausch’s legislation is expected to face less opposition, though it has yet to be scheduled for a committee hearing.

Even the Massachusetts Family Institute, which strongly opposes the medical society’s stance on religious exemptions, doesn’t have a problem with the new proposal as written.

“It seems the intent of this bill is not eliminating an important example of parental rights and religious freedom, but rather emphasizing awareness of the potential health risks of vaccine exemptions and better data collection,” Andrew Beckwith, the institute’s president, said in a statement. “To that extent, it is consistent with the fundamental right of parents to direct the health care of their children.”

He said immunization rules “should continue to balance public health concerns with these parental rights and religious freedom for the relative few that seek exemptions.”



Beacon Hill Roll Call: How local pols voted on handheld cell phone ban

Bob Katzen / Taunton Daily Gazette / Saturday, September 14, 2019

GENDER X (H 3664) — The State Administration and Regulatory Oversight Committee held a hearing on a proposal that would allow Bay Staters to choose the gender-neutral designation “X” in lieu of “male” or “female” on state identifying documents including birth certificates, marriage licenses, driver’s licenses, learner’s permit, identification cards and liquor purchase identification cards. The Senate approved a similar proposal in April. Fourteen states and the District of Columbia currently allow a gender-neutral option on driver’s licenses…

…“If you look at your Massachusetts driver’s license, it lists ‘sex,’ not ‘gender,‘” said Massachusetts Family Institute President Andrew Beckwith. “The concept of ‘gender identity’ is based on internal feelings, but sex is binary (male or female) and grounded in biology. And we believe that a state ID should reflect that objective fact.”



Bill would require gender ‘X’ option on all state documents

Mary Markos / Boston Herald / Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Advocates for a gender “X” designation on state documentation say making people chose male or female is akin to making them lie, while opponents argue that a person’s sex is a biological fact.

“If you look at your Massachusetts driver’s license, it lists ‘sex,’ not ‘gender,’” Andrew Beckwith of Massachusetts Family Institute told the Herald. “The concept of ‘gender identity’ is based on internal feelings, but sex is binary (male or female) and grounded in biology, and we believe that a state ID should reflect that objective fact.”



Gender x bill supporters press for vote in House

Matt Murphy / State House News Service / Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Critics of the legislation, including former House lawmaker and Massachusetts GOP Chairman Jim Lyons, have raised concerns regarding public safety and confusion for law enforcement, while Massachusetts Family Institute Executive Director Andrew Beckwith said driver’s licenses should reflect a person’s sex, not their gender.

“The concept of ‘gender identity’ is based on internal feelings, but sex is binary (male or female) and grounded in biology, and we believe that a state ID should continue to reflect the objective fact of sex, not gender,” Beckwith said.



Massachusetts ‘gender X’ bill up for debate

Rick Sobey / Boston Herald / Sunday, September 8, 2019

Advocates for a bill to let people choose “X” as a gender on driver’s licenses and birth certificates plan to show up in full force for a hearing this week on Beacon Hill, but opponents said they’re gearing up to push back against the “radical left” legislation…

…President of Massachusetts Family Institute Andrew Beckwith said that IDs should reflect “objective facts, not someone’s mental or emotional state.”



Beacon Hill Roll Call: A look at major legislation in 2019 so far

Bob Katzen / Wicked Local Hanover / Sunday, September 8, 2019

Mental health experts and LGBTQ groups charge that the practice is scientifically unproven and unsound and can trigger depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts in these youngsters.

“We can offer assurances to those still struggling with coming out, or whose parents are still coming to terms with their orientation or identity, that that they will not be sent to a licensed therapist to change who they know themselves to be,” said Rep. Jack Lewis (D-Framingham) at the time of the vote.

“This vote was an appalling assault on parental rights in the commonwealth,” said the president of the Massachusetts Family Institute Andrew Beckwith who opposed lifting the ban. “Over 140 of our state legislators apparently believe that parents should not be able to get gender-confused children any treatment, even counseling, that might help them avoid cross-sex hormone injections, sterility or ‘transition’ surgery.



2020 Ballot Taking Shape

Christian Wade / The Salem News / Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Healey’s office also certified a proposal to put a question on the November 2022 ballot asking voters to amend the state Constitution overturn a 1981 Supreme Judicial Court ruling that requires the state to fund abortion services. Backers of the proposal, which includes the Massachusetts Family Institute, proposed a similar initiative for the 2020 ballot but fell short of required signatures.

To get on the ballot, that proposal also needs approval from 50 members of the 200-member Legislature, meeting in two successive constitutional conventions.



Massachusetts Family Institute

Adam Miller / Songtime Radio / Saturday, August 31, 2019



Alliance aims to correct injustice against the preborn

Charlie Butts / One News Now / Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Once upon a time, Massachusetts did not use state revenue to terminate unborn children. But that was before the courts got involved. In 1981, the Supreme Judicial Court, the state’s highest court, ordered that the state had to fund abortions through Medicaid.

Now, nearly 40 years later, the Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) has launched a third petition drive.

“What we’re trying to do is amend the state constitution to correct that injustice and make sure that the people of the Commonwealth are not forced into being complicit with abortion by funding it with tax dollars,” MFI President Andrew Beckwith tells OneNewsNow.

He recognizes the challenge the Massachusetts Alliance to Stop Taxpayer Funded Abortion has ahead of it.

“This time around, they’re going to need to gather over 80,000 certified signatures to get it on the ballot, so that’s a big lift,” Beckwith relays. “They’ll have 90 days to do it this fall, and I’m hopeful they’ll be successful.”

If they are, supporters will have to obtain at least 25 percent of the votes from both houses of the legislature in two consecutive state constitutional conventions before voters will have a chance to decide the issue. The earliest that would likely happen is the year 2022.



Hank Stolz / Talk of the Commonwealth / Thursday, August 1, 2019

The debate surrounding Sex Ed in Worcester Public Schools has reignited In the wake of the Planned Parenthood endorsements for Worcester City Council and School Committee.

One of the major players in the debate surrounding comprehensive sex ed in WPS was the Massachusetts Family Institute. MFI was instrumental in the pushback against the implementation of comprehensive sex ed in WPS.

We had the President of MFI Andrew Beckwith on the show to talk about the issue.


Foes of Massachusetts assisted-suicide bill warn of ramifications

Mary Markos / Boston Herald / Friday, June 28, 2019

Opponents of a bill to legalize medical aid in dying, known as death with dignity, argue that insurance companies could opt for the “cheaper” option and stop covering expensive medical treatments.

“At the legislative hearing on Tuesday, we heard testimony about insurance companies refusing to pay for life-giving treatments and offering much cheaper suicide drugs as an alternative,” Andrew Beckwith of Massachusetts Family Institute said. “We have the best health care in the world here in Massachusetts, and this bill would be a huge step backwards for quality of care and the rights of patients.”

Beckwith and other organizations are pushing back against the legislation, pointing to testimony from people like Stephanie Packer, a California woman who said her insurance would no longer cover chemotherapy after physician-assisted suicide was legalized in her state. She traveled to Massachusetts earlier this week to testify against the bill in a Joint Committee on Public Health hearing.

“I can’t describe what it feels like when someone tells you that they’re no longer going to pay for drugs that will extend your life significantly, that will give me more time with my kids,” Packer said. “But for a buck I can go ahead and make it stop if I kill myself.”



‘Death with dignity’ push gaining ground in MA

Chris Woodward / One News Now / Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Lawmakers in Massachusetts are debating today about doctor-assisted suicide.

Today’s discussion will take place in the Joint Committee on Public Health, where advocates for the proposal call it “death with dignity” but Andrew Beckwith of Massachusetts Family Institute says the method is still assisted suicide.

“They’ve been after this for years,” he advises. “They took it to the vote of the people on a ballot referendum in 2012 and it was defeated in large part due to the great work of the Church, particularly the Catholic archdiocese of Boston.”

The ballot measure was defeated 51-49 percent after a “ferocious political battle,” The Boston Globe reported at the time. 

Opponents of the “death with dignity” referendum organized in the final weeks after a poll showed support for the measure, the newspaper reported, and the public was flooded with messages of opposition from religious leaders, pro-life activists, and a physicians group.

The bill requires two witnesses to sign a written request for the lethal drugs. However, one of the witnesses can legally be someone who stands to enjoy an inheritance from the person that is about to die, which creates an obvious scenario for greed.

Beckwith gives one chilling example: a dying woman’s grandson convinces her to swallow the poison pill while scheming with a girlfriend to sign as witnesses. But there is little evidence of their misdeeds.

“There would be no record for the rest of the family members to know what actually happened,” Beckwith says, “because doctors are prohibited from putting anything on the death certificate other than the underlying disease.”

Beckwith expects pushback this time around and is urging the public to contact their legislators and tell them to oppose the “death with dignity” legislation.



Natick Teen Inspires Gender Identity Bill in Massachusetts

Mike LaCrosse / CBS (Boston) / Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Gender Identity Bill passed the Senate this spring and is now waiting for consideration in the House.

If passed it would allow someone to check “X” instead of “Male” or “Female” for a license, ID or birth certificate. It would also require the Office of the Attorney General to create a report detailing all state documents where someone is required to indicate their gender…

The Massachusetts Republican Party is against the bill.

“Implementing this added regulation will just be another unnecessary cost to the hardworking taxpayers of Massachusetts. The added bureaucracy will also make the tough job of law enforcement even tougher,” said Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons.

The Massachusetts Family Institute is also opposed.

“If you’re male or female that’s a biological fact that your identification should reflect,” said Massachusetts Family Institute President Andrew Beckwith.



Watch: Massachusetts Doctors Support Infanticide Bill, but ‘Not Familiar with that Particular Section’

Dr. Susan Berry / Breitbart / Wednesday, June 19, 2019

“In a video clip of testimony provided by Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI), both Dr. Carole Allen, vice president of the Massachusetts Medical Society, and Dr. Luu Ireland, OB/GYN at UMass Memorial, are heard telling members of the Joint Committee on the Judiciary they support S. 1209, titled An Act to Remove Obstacles and Expand Abortion Access (ROE).”

Andrew Beckwith, a Massachusetts attorney and president of MFI, told Breitbart News when his organization was present at the testimony of the doctors, he expected to see some “back and forth on what really is the infanticide provision of this bill that removes an existing requirement that’s been on the books in Massachusetts since 1974.”

“So, when this doctor, who is the vice president of the Massachusetts Medical Society testifies that her organization supports this bill and is questioned on this provision, she’s unaware that it’s even in the bill,” he said incredulously.

Beckwith said the ROE Act allows abortion “from conception to crowning.” He added the legislation would allow abortions in the latter part of pregnancy to be performed at abortion clinics such as Planned Parenthood, rather than solely in hospitals.

When he testified before the Judiciary Committee on Monday, Beckwith directed his attention at one point to the proposed elimination of the requirement of parental consent for a minor’s abortion.

“This is the day after Father’s Day and the supporters of the ROE Act are unapologetically saying, in the context of abortions for underage girls, fathers and mothers are nothing more than ‘obstacles’ to be removed,” Beckwith observed.”