Father Fights to Save 7-year-old-son

Many of you contacted me this week expressing concern about a national news story out of Texas. For those of you who aren’t aware, 7-year-old James Younger has found himself amid an ugly custody dispute that may be a tipping point in the battle over parental rights and transgenderism.

James Younger and his father, Jeff Younger

Younger’s mother has convinced herself that (because he enjoys the Disney movie Frozen) James is actually a girl and should immediately begin transitioning – which could lead within the next year to his chemical castration. James’ father desperately tried to get custody of James and his twin brother to protect them from this blatant child abuse but seemed to be getting nowhere. Monday, a jury ruled against giving sole custody to the father, and the court appeared poised to give it to the mother. This rightfully shocked the nation.

The good news is that the public backlash from that ruling got the attention of Texas Governor Greg Abbott who announced on Wednesday that his executive branch would investigate the James Younger case. Then, just yesterday, the judge in this case ruled that the parents would actually have “joint conservatorship over James, which includes making joint medical decisions for the child.” This seems to be a step in the right direction, but the judge also put a gag order on the father. We’ll see if he complies or keeps speaking out.

Our Family Policy Alliance Counterparts at Texas Values are closely monitoring the case. We will keep you all updated as it unfolds. For now, please pray for James Younger and his family. The final outcome of this case will likely have consequences for parents across the country.


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