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3 Things to be Thankful for

by mafamily

We hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday yesterday, full of fellowship and delicious food. In this season of thanksgiving, we often take time to reflect on what has happened this past year. MFI’s staff sat together before the Thanksgiving break, and we came up with a long list of 2019 victories. This put in perspective […]

Exclusive Briefing for Landmark Religious Liberty Case

by mafamily

The Supreme Court will soon hear oral arguments on a case with potentially tremendous implications for religious liberty and school choice. The lawsuit, brought in part by a single mother trying to support her two children in parochial school, seeks to invalidate the notorious “Blaine Amendments” that prohibit religious schools from receiving taxpayer dollars. 19th […]

Last Call to Help Stop Taxpayer Funded Abortion

by mafamily

For the past few months, volunteers from across the state worked hard to collect signatures that will put ending taxpayer funding abortions on the 2020 ballot. The necessary 80,239 signatures, however, have a submission deadline: November 20, 2019. That’s only 8 days away. We need your help with a final push to collect as many […]

Federal Ruling Reinstates Protections for Faith-based Adoption Agencies

by mafamily

The executive branch delivered an enormous victory for religious freedom last week when the President reversed an anti-religious ruling from the Obama administration. Days before President Trump took the oath of office, President Obama declared that faith-based adoption and foster care agencies would be required to place children in same-sex households despite any religious convictions […]

Newburyport Votes to Ban Retail Marijuana

by mafamily

It was election day this week across the country. At MFI, we believe that participating in elections is an important part of being “citizens of the kingdom.” As people of faith, we are called to be involved in our government, and voting is a fundamental way we exercise that responsibility.  In our state, we often […]

MFI Helps Lynn Parents Advocate Against “Free” Contraception in their Schools

by mafamily

Condoms, birth control pills, the birth control shot, and Plan B: These are all the contraception methods that the Lynn public school committee is considering giving out to students for free at school. The committee members are grappling with their district having the 6th highest teen pregnancy rate in the state, so at the Septemeber […]


by mafamily

One story garnering a lot of attention this week is the Gender Snowperson that’s being taught to 4th graders in Lexington public schools. Yes. You read that right. The Gender Snowperson is a tool used to teach 9 and 10-year-olds to “never assume boys have penises.” Parents would likely never have discovered this LGBTQ+ indoctrination of […]

MFI Faces Intersectional Protest at Harvard Law School

by mafamily

Yesterday, I had the privilege of addressing the Students for Life club at Harvard Law School. They invited me to discuss the MA ROE Act and the pro-life community’s response to it. We were informed Wednesday night that there was a planned student protest against my message, so I anticipated having to defend the pro-life […]

Beacon Hill Sees the Open Arms of the Pro-Life Movement

by mafamily

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen several groups come out in support of the ROE Act – a bill that radically expands abortion – including Marty Walsh’s gang of pro-abortion mayors and a handful of labor unions. Wednesday, however, pro-life advocates took another public stand against this Infanticide Act. MFI partnered with pregnancy care […]