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Bathroom Bill Vote on Wednesday – Can you join us?

by MFI News

Friends of MFI, The Massachusetts legislature is preparing to pass one of the worst pieces of legislation on Beacon Hill, the Transgender Bathroom and Locker room bill. It has already passed the State Senate, and the House will be voting on the Bathroom Bill this Wednesday, June 1st. Even more discouraging is that the House voted […]

More than 160 parents and children filled the stairs!

by MFI News

We put out the call last week for pro-family supporters to fill the Grand Staircase at the State House in solidarity against the Bathroom Bill… and you DID IT!  More than 160 parents, grandparents and children gathered to call on legislators to protect the safety and privacy of our families. Thank you to all who were able to […]

Parents Stand Up for Privacy and Safety of Their Children – Oppose Bathroom Bill

by MFI News

After the MA Senate passed its version of the Bathroom Bill two weeks ago with NO protections for parents or children, concerned citizens are gathering at the State House to make their voices heard in advance of a likely MA House vote on Wednesday. Massachusetts Family Institute will hold a press conference Tuesday asking legislators […]

Last Chance to Stop the Bathroom Bill?

by MFI News

Last week, we held a very successful press conference to oppose the bathroom bill before it was voted on in the MA Senate.  But there is a problem with this picture.  As one of the moms present said to me afterwards, “We should have FILLED those stairs!”  As moms usually are, she was right. That’s why we […]

BREAKING: Obama mandates transgender bathrooms in schools nationwide

by MFI News

The transgender bathroom issue is continuing to explode nationally with the Obama administration’s new dictate issued this morning that seeks to require every public school in America to adopt cross-gender bathroom and locker room usage. No child should be forced into an intimate setting like a restroom or locker room with a person of the opposite sex. […]

BREAKING: Senate passes Bathroom Bill

by MFI News

This week, MFI has been criss-crossing the Commonwealth, speaking out for family values. Tuesday night, I had the distinct pleasure of addressing a gathering of conservative leaders and activists Andrew at Lakeside in Pittsfield, MA.  Our friends at Lakeside Christian Camp & Conference Center graciously hosted this MFI update dinner at their beautiful waterfront facility […]

Women, Legislators and Parents Speak Out Against Bathroom Bill

by MFI News

With the Senate set to vote on the Transgender Bathroom Bill this week, Massachusetts Family Institute will hold a press conference Wednesday asking legislators to protect privacy rights and oppose the bill. Tuesday, May 10, 2016 WOBURN — Citizens concerned about privacy and safety in public bathrooms and locker rooms will be holding a press […]

Bathroom Bill on the Move in MA

by MFI News

My son and I were just settling into our work at the MassHOPE homeschool convention last Friday when I received a phone call informing me that the Bathroom Bill was being voted out of committee.  This brings the bill (actually two of them, a Senate version and a House version) one step closer to being […]