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ObamaCare goes before SCOTUS

by mafamily

The two-year anniversary of ObamaCare was “celebrated” last week, but the real news is that the constitutionality of the healthcare takeover now stand before the Supreme Court of the United States which began hearing oral arguments this week. Justices grilled the Obama Administration Solicitor General about the law during Tuesday’s second day of arguments. The […]

Lobby Day Report

by mafamily

Tuesday was “Pro-Family Lobby Day” on Beacon Hill. Some 50 “Citizen-Lobbyists” coming from distance as far away as Springfield joined MFI, Catholic Citizenship and the Coalition for Marriage and Family at the State House. They called on their legislators to “Reset the Legislature’s Priorities” to include support of Laura’s Law that would protect women seeking […]

Tell the Obama administration you want your rights

by mafamily

Dear Friend of the Family, Last Friday, I attended the “Stand Up for Religious Freedom” rally on Boston Common, the local rally that coincided with rallies across the country. Thousands of Americans nationwide participated in these rallies as a way to demonstrate their opposition to the mandate from the U.S. Department of Health and Human […]

FRC: Debate and Switch on DADT study

by mafamily

From our friends at the Family Research Council: Speaking of charades, the Pentagon’s comprehensive “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” study seems to be full of them. Back in 2010, one of the conditions for repeal was that the Defense Department would continue to view its benefits policy through the lens of the federal Defense of Marriage […]

FRC: In Hobby Lobby, Liberals Hone Their Craft

by mafamily

From Family Research Council: It looks like the owners of Hobby Lobby are dealing with another lobby–the liberal folks of Northfield, Massachusetts. When the craft chain bought an empty campus in the area with the intentions of donating the 217 acres to a Christian school, the town erupted. “We don’t want it to go to […]

Win in Legislature on marijuana, ballot initiative still looms

by mafamily

On Tuesday, the Joint Committee on Public Health voted unanimously to send HB625 and SB1161 into study, effectively killing them for the session. These two bills would have legalized medical marijuana, with the language very similar to the ballot initiative that will appear on the November ballot. That initiative is actually before the same Committee […]

Stand Up for Religious Freedom noon tomorrow at Boston Common

by mafamily

Although the organizers were unable to secure the appropriate permits, the rally is now back on at Boston Common. Our friends at Massachusetts Citizens for Life sent out an email this morning saying: We had read about the Stand Up for Religious Liberty Rally. Before we had a chance to find out more so that […]

Heat is on

by mafamily

Friends, As you know, our Family Values Lobby Day is next Tuesday, March 27. If you haven’t RSVP’d yet for this rewarding and important event, please do so today: www.mafamily.org/event/lobby-day-rsvp/1747/. This is a great opportunity to participate directly in state government, and meet and greet fellow pro-family activists and supportive legislators. I encourage you to […]

Bring Your Voice to Beacon Hill Next Week

by mafamily

Friends, As our values and our rights continue to be under attack by our opponents and their allies in government, it is even more important that we stay vocal in front of those that have been elected to represent us. Our annual pro-family Lobby Day is the perfect opportunity to speak with your legislators and […]