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FRC: GOP Sticks to Its Guns on Troop Ban

by mafamily

From the Family Research Council: Count the U.S. military among the many Americans who could benefit from new leadership in the White House. According to some analysts, a new President would have enough executive authority to block open homosexuals from the military. Although the commander-and-chief couldn’t reinstate the 1993 statute without Congress’s support, he or […]

Heritage Foundation: marriage keeps love alive and hearts pumping

by mafamily

The following is from the Heritage Foundation: Culture Watch: Marriage Keeps Love Alive and Hearts Pumping Many a bachelor has taunted and teased a groom-to-be that “I do” will be his famous last words. But for all the jesting predictions about the finality or fatality of marriage, walking down the aisle could be the healthiest […]

JUST DAYS LEFT for gala Early Bird

by mafamily

With September 1st less than a week away, time is running out to get your tickets for the 20th Anniversary Gala with Michael Reagan at early bird discounted rates. If you act now, you can save $25 on both admission to the gala, as well as VIP Packages that include access to a private reception […]

Assisted suicide advocates look to ballot

by mafamily

Having found little support or success in the Legislature for their morbid proposal, supporters of physician-assisted suicide are hoping to get on the 2012 ballot and obtain the endorsement of the people of Massachusetts. The so-called “Death with Dignity Act” would allow people with terminal illnesses, with the aid of physicians, to legally commit physician-assisted […]

Gambling storm on the horizon

by mafamily

Dear Friends of the Family, As I am writing, Hurricane Irene has her sights set on New England this weekend. Though there isn’t much any of us can do to stop Irene from coming, there are ways to properly prepare (PDF from the National Weather Service). With that said, Irene is not the only storm […]

12th Bristol Primary Voter Guides

by mafamily

Here are the non-profit Voter Guides for the primary elections in the 12th Bristol Special Election on Tuesday, August 23, 2011: Democratic Primary Republican Primary Don’t know where to vote? Visit www.wheredoivotema.com to find out! Share This:

War on our military

by mafamily

Friends of the Family, As a combat veteran of the United State Air Force and someone who has lost close friends in battle, each news report about the death of a soldier, sailor or airman overseas affects me in a very personal way. When it was reported that a helicopter was downed in Afghanistan and […]

Bathroom Bill on hold but fight not over

by mafamily

Thanks to your personal and impassioned phone calls and emails, the Judiciary Committee did not act on the Bathroom Bill before the Legislature went on its extended summer recess. This is great news, especially in light of the fact that our opponents were actively pressuring House Speaker DeLeo and his colleagues to force the bill […]

Prop 8 challenges continue in CA

by mafamily

There are currently thirteen (13) attorneys working on the legal defense team in California defending Proposition 8, the citizen approved law that upholds traditional marriage in California. This team includes some of the best civil litigators in the country, from both private law firms as well as public interest law firms such as the Alliance […]