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Radical “transgender” activists target Bathroom Bill opponents

by mafamily

Friends of the Family, You’ve seen our testimony. You’ve heard our radio ads. You’ve read our talking points. And so have our opponents. They see the passage of the Bathroom Bill slipping through their fingers again. The truth about the Bathroom Bill is clear: this bill poses a very real threat to safety, privacy and […]

John Kerry officially endorses same-sex “marriage”

by mafamily

Former presidential candidate and senior U.S. Senator for Massachusetts, John Kerry, has made it official that he now support same-sex “marriage.” While running for president in 2004, Kerry said that he opposed same-sex “marriage,” choosing instead to support civil unions. Kerry, a Roman Catholic, penned an op-ed earlier this month for the Boston Globe defending […]

California group seeks referendum on gay history curriculum

by mafamily

A coalition of pro-family organizations have launched an effort, StopSB48.com, to repeal the law recently approved by the legislature and signed by Gov. Jerry Brown mandating that public school classes include instruction on the contributions of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals in history. Pacific Justice Institute is spearheading the effort. They have submitted paperwork […]

New York attempting to force same-sex marriage on entire country

by mafamily

Forcing same-sex “marriage” on the people of New York through backroom deals and without a statewide referendum just isn’t enough for Gov. Cuomo and the radical gay activists in the state. Now, they have filed suit against the federal government to overturn DOMA. According to Reuters, “In court papers filed on Tuesday in U.S. federal […]

DADT repeal certified by Obama, DoD Chairman Panetta, and Joint Chiefs

by mafamily

According to OneNewsNow, the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) is raising questions about religious liberty in the wake of the Obama administration putting a formal end to the ban on homosexuals and bisexuals serving openly in the military. On Friday afternoon, following a meeting with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Admiral […]

Will Scott Brown defend DOMA?

by mafamily

Friends of the Family, With the Bathroom Bill continuing to be a hot topic here in the Commonwealth, the national political scene has for the most been debating fiscal issues, including taxes, spending and the debt ceiling. As well they should with so many Americans out of work. But that is about to change thanks […]

Despite rejection, gay activists to try again in Maine

by mafamily

Not even two years ago, in November 2009, voters in Maine went to the polls and rejected same-sex “marriage,” something thrust upon them by a legislature and governor that didn’t listen to them. Fifty-three percent of voters endorsed natural marriage, deciding to exercise their right to a “people’s veto.” However, with gay activists having success […]

ACLU sues Vermont inn for refusing lesbian wedding reception

by mafamily

In a lawsuit announced on Tuesday, the ACLU is suing the Wildflower Inn in Lyndonville for turning away a lesbian couple last fall because the inn’s owner has a policy of no gay receptions. The ACLU says the inn violated state anti-discrimination rules by refusing to host the wedding reception. The inn’s owners, Jim and […]

Catholic Citizenship to screen Gingrich film

by mafamily

Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich will be in Lexington next Monday evening, July 25, for a private screening of his documentary “Nine Days that Changed the World.” This event is in support of Catholic Citizenship, a sister organization that works to involve Roman Catholics in the public policy debates on Beacon and Capital Hill. […]