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Happy Fathers Day

by mafamily

Friends, This weekend it’s time to celebrate Dad! He’s the man who taught you about tough love, but he also was the rock foundation that kept the family safe. For his sons, Dad demonstrated how to be a man; for his daughters, how they should be treated by their future husbands. It was the battle […]

Is Maria Talks revamp enough?

by mafamily

With the fever sweeping the city and region due to the Boston Bruins’ amazing run for the Stanley Cup, it was easy to miss the news in last Friday’s Boston Herald that the infamous Maria Talks website had been toned down. “We needed to pull back a little bit, and add a more cautious and […]

Political contrasts

by mafamily

Dear Friends of the Family, I am now back in Bermuda vacationing with my family, having flown to Boston on Tuesday to be at the State House with more than eighty-five passionate pro-family activists to actively engage their government during our annual Lobby Day. We are grateful to all who came, some from as far […]

Lobby Day Wrap-Up

by mafamily

Last November, conservatives took to the polls across the state and help elect the largest number of conservatives to the State House to be seen in recent years. This, in turn, has led to all of us having a louder voice in state government. The conservative resurgence was also felt at Tuesday’s Lobby Day as […]

Lobby for your values next week

by mafamily

Dear Friends of the Family, First, I want to thank all of you that came to the State House yesterday for the Judiciary Committee hearing on the Bathroom Bill. It is never easy to travel into the city, and sitting in uncomfortable chairs for hours waiting to testify before the Committee is too much for […]

Your View: Transgender rights bill tramples children’s rights

by mafamily

Your View: Transgender rights bill tramples children’s rights By DEBORAH FURTADO Deborah Furtado is a retired New Bedford elementary school teacher who still lives in the city. June 08, 2011 12:00 AM Let’s talk about the Transgender Bill HB 502. First, it is common knowledge that this bill has failed to pass for six years […]

Transgender person sexually assaults teenage boy in Stamford

by mafamily

So often our opponents say that so-called “transgender” people are the target of harassment and are rarely, if ever, the transgressors. However, a story this week out of Stamford, Connecticut blows up that claim. A transgender person was arrest early Wednesday morning after police say “she” sexually assaults a teenage boy at Stamford Town Center […]

Deval Patrick refuses Father’s Day banner

by mafamily

Last week, Governor Deval Patrick and his administration rejected a request to hang a banner at the State House honoring fathers on Father’s Day, June 19. An application to hang a banner, as has been done by a variety of organizations and groups recently, was submitted to the Bureau of State Office Buildings (a department […]

Elementary students taught about multiple genders

by mafamily

Recently, classes in a California elementary school were given a gender diversity lesson that featured single-sex geckos and transgender clownfish, and parents are in an uproar over the content of this in-class presentation. Fox News was allowed to sit in on the lessons that were presented by an outside anti-bullying educational group called Gender Spectrum, […]