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We Remember

by mafamily

Friends, With temperatures in the 80s and the sun shining bright, it is safe to say that we are all looking forward to the unofficial kickoff of the summer this weekend. Though there will be burgers, beers and beans served in many backyards, we all must stop and remember why we have Monday off for […]

Bathroom Bill takes center stage

by mafamily

Friends, The weather is getting warmer and thoughts of heading to the park, playground and beach are entering our heads, especially with Memorial Day weekend just two days away. Now imagine how those thoughts will change come next year if our opponents are successful in passing the radical “Bathroom Bill” into law? While Beacon Hill […]

Gay Activists: Recruiting children? You bet we are

by mafamily

I usually don’t like to simply cut-and-paste an article from national organizations, but this account from Family Research Council is too telling not to forward on to you. And while it doesn’t directly reference Massachusetts, we all know that homosexual indoctrination of our children has been the most visible consequence of same-sex “marriage.” Please read […]

Sixty-one percent say all or most abortion should be illegal

by mafamily

According to a new Gallup poll, sixty-one percent of American adults—including some who describe themselves as “pro-choice”—that abortion should be illegal in all or most circumstances. However, the poll did find that forty-nine percent of respondents considered themselves pro-choice, with forty-five percent identifying as pro-life, the first time pro-choice has eclipsed pro-life since May 2008. […]

Conscience protections for military chaplains

by mafamily

Twenty-one religious agencies providing chaplains to the U.S. military sent a joint letter to the military’s chiefs of chaplains Monday voicing strong concern over the continuing absence of religious liberty protections if openly practiced homosexual behavior is definitively imposed on the military. The letter asks the chiefs for their help in urging Congress and the […]

Minnesotans get to vote on marriage in 2012

by mafamily

Thanks to the hard work of Minnesota lawmakers, the defense of traditional marriage will be on the ballot in the Midwestern state in November 2012. Late Saturday night, after five hours of debate, the State House decided to put the issue of marriage in the people’s hands on a bi-partisan 70-62 vote. The vote was […]

Major religious freedom case to be argued Monday

by mafamily

Kelly Shackelford, head of the Free Market Foundation – MFI’s counterpart in Texas – is referring to the case to be argued next Monday as “the biggest case in the country on religious freedom.” Government officials are arguing that elementary school students have NO First Amendment rights, therefore allowing religious discrimination against them. This case […]

Maine attempting to restore bathroom safety

by mafamily

The state of Maine made their “Bathroom Bill” a law in 2005 as part of the “Maine Human Rights Act.” Thanks to the results of the November election, the current legislature is attempting to restore privacy and safety for those directly affected by this law. LD 1046, sponsored by Rep. Kenneth Fredette, is written to […]

Seven years later, and still no vote

by mafamily

Friends, On Tuesday, gay activists celebrated seven years of legalized same-sex “marriage” here in Massachusetts. It was seven years ago that our great Commonwealth started handing out marriage licenses to same-sex couples.  And while some stand and celebrate this anniversary, many pause to remember that the people have yet to vote on the definition of […]