Passing legislation into law is a lengthy process, but MFI will closely follow developments at the State House and will update this page throughout the session.

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We encourage you to become familiar with the following bills and stay up-to-date on their progress. Below you will find information on the top bills with a link to the Legislative Briefs we have been delivering to your State Representatives and Senators. As action is taken on Beacon Hill, we will provide information on how to contact your legislators on a particular bill at the appropriate time.

Current Legislation


HD 877 – Defund Planned Parenthood:  

This bill would defund Planned Parenthood in Massachusetts, redirecting our health care dollars to women’s health facilities not tainted by accusations of selling fetal body parts, and not undergoing various investigations.  Click on the MFI brief  to find out more and let your elected officials know you support this legislation. [Visit the bottom of the Action Center to  find out who your State Representative and State Senator are].

HD 488 – A Woman’s Safety Act:  

This bill would amend the definition of “clinic” in the General Laws, requiring the licensing and inspection of numerous non-hospital abortion clinics in Massachusetts.  Currently there are 16 abortion clinics operating without a DPH license, putting vulnerable women at further, serious health risk. Click on the MFI brief to find out more and let your elected officials know you support this legislation.  

HD 469- A Woman’s Right to Know (AKA “Laura’s Law”):  

Laura Hope Smith was a 22 year-old Cape Cod woman who died during an abortion.  This law would help prevent future tragedies by requiring doctors to inform each woman of pertinent information that is considered a core part of the abortion decision.  Click on the Support Laura’s Law resource to find out more and let your elected officials know you support this legislation. 

HD 2434 – An Act to Secure the Safety of the Citizens of the Commonwealth:

This bill repeals the 2016 Transgender Bathroom Law, which allows bathroom, shower and locker room usage based on self-expressed “gender identity,” not anatomy. For example, men in Massachusetts can now use the women’s locker room or changing facility as long as they claim that they feel like women on the inside. HD 2434 gives legislators the opportunity to do the right thing and restore privacy and safety in public accommodations now by effectively repealing the 2016 law.



HB3320/SB1209, HB1102/SB587, & SB1335 – “ROE” Abortion Acts & Infanticide

Recent aggressive abortion legislation in NY and VA reveal that the abortion movement in America is now openly advocating for infanticide. Similar bills have been filed and are currently pending in MA.

HB3320/SB1209, HB1102/SB587, and SB1335 allow abortion at any point in the pregnancy, eliminate requirements to preserve the life of the unborn child, exempt abortion centers from even minimal safety regulation, and mandate taxpayer funding.

Click on the MFI brief for more information.

HB4782/SB2745 – Doctor-Prescribed Suicide

Reaching the natural end of life is difficult enough without the pressure and coercion to commit suicide.  Deliberately ending human life as one would a suffering animal is utilitarian and degrading, contrary to the special dignity and unique value of every human life.  The reality is that diagnosing a terminal illness is an inexact science, with lifespan forecasts having an error rate of 30%.  Doctor-prescribed suicide would blur the line between natural death and medical manslaughter. Click on the MFI briefs to find out more and CLICK HERE to let your elected officials know you oppose this legislation.

HB140/SB70- Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Minors: This bill would prevent children from receiving much needed counseling to help them respond proactively to unwanted sexual desires, and is an attempt to silence the viewpoint of those who believe sexual orientation treatment is counseling therapy which can provide tremendous benefits.

SB2495 – Sex Ed MandateThis bill would impose a state-wide, one-size-fits all comprehensive sex-education curriculum on our public schools, containing offensive reproduction and sexuality materials.  Click on the MFI brief to find out more.