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Planned Parenthood Promoting Porn for Stay-at-Home Sex Ed

by mafamily

While the entire world is dealing with trying to stop the spread of a deadly virus, Planned Parenthood and their allies have not stopped their efforts to sexualize our children. We lay out the shocking details below, but first I want to let you know how MFI is continuing to help parents fight back, even […]

They can’t make you teach that…

by MFI News

I received an email this week from a parent who is trying to opt their young teenager out of Sex Ed in their local public school. Under current Massachusetts law, parents have a clear right to do this, and schools may not penalize a student for being exempted from those lessons. However, this parent was being told […]

Stopping the Sex Ed Mandate

by MFI News

Imagine a state where Planned Parenthood has a virtual monopoly on the sex education curriculum taught in every public school in Massachusetts. It could actually happen if the new Sex Education Mandate passes! That is why it is so important that you join us for our Annual Pro-Family Lobby Day on Wednesday, March 20th from […]

What they want to teach our 12 year olds….

by MFI News

Dear Friend of the Family, This morning’s Boston Globe has a decent article on our fight against the Sex Ed Mandate on Beacon Hill.  I spoke to the reporter, Stephanie Ebbert, for about half an hour on the phone last week while waiting for a flight out of Logan.  The specific sex acts that the […]

You’re Making a Difference!

by MFI News

Representative James O’Day, sponsor of the notorious Sex Ed Mandate, admitted that the “bill’s prospects in the House this session are uncertain.”  Why is that?  Because of you. “Every time that there seems to be a move forward on this bill, there comes a rash of emails mostly with inaccurate information,” O’Day lamented. “They fill […]

Parental consent would “gut the bill”

by MFI News

In a 31-6 vote yesterday, the MA Senate approved the controversial Sex Ed Mandate bill. The debate and vote were nearly identical to the passage of a similar bill by the Senate in late 2015. That bill died in the House, and we are working to make sure this year’s Sex Ed bill meets the […]

Senate votes on Sex Ed Bill TOMORROW!

by MFI News

Dear Friend of the Family, The Massachusetts State Senate will be voting on the controversial Sex Ed Mandate bill TOMORROW, and we need your help letting MA senators know the dangers of this bill. I will be speaking on The Kuhner Report today at 1:35 p.m., so tune in to WRKO AM 680 with Jeff […]

New Boston Post Discusses Sex Ed Mandate

by MFI News

The New Boston Post had a great article on the “Saran Wrap Sex-Ed Bill” this week.   If you haven’t contacted your state representative and state senator about this horrible new legislation yet, please do it TODAY! Share This:

CALL TO ACTION: Do you want your child learning THIS in school?

by MFI News

Just as Congress is working to defund Planned Parenthood at the national level, we’re working hard to stop them at the local level – specifically, your neighborhood school.  This morning, several parents and I went to the State House to testify against the Sex Ed Mandate.  These two identical bills would take control over what […]

NEWS RELEASE: Sex Education Mandate Gets Holy Week Hearing on Beacon Hill

by MFI News

CONTACT:   Andrew Beckwith | andrew@mafamily.org | 781.569.0400 Sex Education Mandate Gets Holy Week Hearing on Beacon Hill Thursday, April 13, 2017 BOSTON – The legislative Joint Committee on Education heard testimony today on two identical bills that are stirring up quite a bit of controversy amongst parents.  Senate Bill 234 and House Bill 2053, both titled, “An […]