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Massachusetts churches file suit to challenge law forcing them to speak, act contrary to their faith

by MFI News

ALLIANCE DEFENDING FREEDOM NEWS RELEASE  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT ADF MEDIA RELATIONS: (480) 444-0020 or www.adfmedia.org/home/contact    Massachusetts churches file suit to challenge law forcing them to speak, act contrary to their faith ADF attorneys represent four congregations in case against commonwealth officials Tuesday, October 11, 2016 BOSTON – Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing four Massachusetts […]

Parents Stand Up for Privacy and Safety of Their Children – Oppose Bathroom Bill

by MFI News

After the MA Senate passed its version of the Bathroom Bill two weeks ago with NO protections for parents or children, concerned citizens are gathering at the State House to make their voices heard in advance of a likely MA House vote on Wednesday. Massachusetts Family Institute will hold a press conference Tuesday asking legislators […]

MEDIA RELEASE: Three New England States Move to Ban SOCE Therapy, Stripping Minors of #TherapyEquality

by MFI News

Massachusetts Family Institute | Media Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT:   Lena Wakim | lena@mafamily.org | 781.569.0400 Three New England States Move to Ban SOCE Therapy, Stripping Minors of #TherapyEquality Licensed Professional Counselor Christopher Doyle Says Families Will Suffer in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont Thursday, March 31, 2016 WASHINGTON, D.C.  — Three New England states are looking to ban […]

No Taxpayer Funded Sex Change Operation for Convicted Killer

by MFI News

WOBURN – The United States District Court of Appeals in Boston has ruled that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will not have to pay for the sex change operation of a convicted murderer.  Robert Kosilek, who post incarceration goes by the name “Michelle,” is serving a life sentence without parole for the murder of his wife in […]

Mineau Steps Down as MFI President; Beckwith Elected Successor

by mafamily

Mineau Steps Down as President, Massachusetts Family Institute Beckwith Elected Successor Woburn, MA – The Board of Directors of Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) announced today in a planned succession that MFI President Kris Mineau will become the Institute’s president emeritus and Andrew Beckwith, executive vice president, will assume the role of president. “After 10 years […]

Ed Commissioner doubles down on transgender bathroom policy.

by mafamily

Massachusetts Education Commissioner Mitchell Chester is refusing to amend a highly controversial new policy which threatens the privacy and safety of school children.     Two  weeks ago, the Commissioner of the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) quietly issued an 11- page directive implementing his new statewide policy on gender identity in the […]

Acceso para los trangeneros en los banos publico de las escuelas ahora se require en MA por la comisaria

by mafamily

LA LIBERACION INMEDIATA CONTACTO: Andrew Beckwith / andrew@mafamily.org/ 781-569-0400 Proyecto de Ley de sigilio bano se abre banos de muchachas para los ninos, invade la privacidad y amenaza la seguridad de todos los estudiants. Massachusetts comisionado de educacion Mitchell Chester informado de grado K-12 directores de las escuelas que deben permitir que los ninos y […]

Transgender Access to Public School Bathrooms Now Required in MA by Commissioner

by mafamily

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   CONTACT: Ryan Boehm | ryan@mafamily.org                       Lisa Barstow | lisa@barstowmedia.com    Stealth Bathroom Bill opens girls’ bathrooms to boys, invades privacy and threatens all students’ safety. Massachusetts Commissioner of Education Mitchell Chester informed grade K-12 school principals that they must allow boys and girls of any age who self-identify as transgender […]

MFI comments on decision by Supreme Court to hear DOMA, Prop 8 cases

by mafamily

Today the U.S. Supreme Court accepted petitions to review two court decisions that challenge the constitutionality of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. The federal case, Windsor v. United States, involves the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). The second case, Hollingsworth v. Perry, deals with California’s marriage amendment, Proposition 8. Massachusetts […]