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One Nation, Under God

by mafamily

On the morning of September 4th, MFI’s Exec VP and General Counsel Andrew Beckwith attended oral arguments at the John Adams Courthouse in Boston on a case that could eliminate the Pledge of Allegiance from our public schools.  The American Humanist Association, on behalf of three atheist students and their parents in the Acton-Boxborough school […]

Marriage — it’s between a man and a woman

by mafamily

 The Podium Marriage — it’s between a man and a woman By Kris Mineau March 25, 2013 Marriage between a man and a woman has been the paradigm, the bedrock social institution of diverse cultures and civilizations for all of recorded human history. Nevertheless, on Tuesday, the radical experiment that began in Massachusetts will reach […]

Sky Fall: Gender Ideology Comes to the Schoolhouse

by mafamily

by Adam J. MacLeod  and Andrew Beckwith Featured on www.thepublicdiscourse.com March 1st, 2013   Since redefining marriage requires us to deny sexual differences, even school children now have to conform to that principle at the risk of punishment.   In our discussions with advocates of redefining marriage, we often hear that defenders of marriage and […]

VIDEO: Andrew Beckwith talks SCOTUS, DOMA

by mafamily

Additionally, Andrew was quoted by the Boston Globe: A state organization that has advocated against gay marriage, the Massachusetts Family Institute, said it hopes the Supreme Court will uphold both the Defense of Marriage Act and the California ban on same-sex marriage. “At issue in these cases is, ultimately, the question of whether the government […]

MFI comments on decision by Supreme Court to hear DOMA, Prop 8 cases

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Today the U.S. Supreme Court accepted petitions to review two court decisions that challenge the constitutionality of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. The federal case, Windsor v. United States, involves the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). The second case, Hollingsworth v. Perry, deals with California’s marriage amendment, Proposition 8. Massachusetts […]

Judge rules taxpayers must pay for sex change for murderer

by mafamily

Yesterday, a federal judge ruled that a convicted murderer in Massachusetts, serving a life sentence, was constitutionally entitled to a sex change operation.  Judge Mark Wolf stated in his 123 page decision that “sex reassignment surgery” is the “only form of adequate medical care” for an inmate who suffers from Gender Identity Disorder.  Robert Kosilek, […]

MA appeals court rules judge was wrong to order abortion, sterilization

by mafamily

The Massachusetts Appeals Court on Tuesday reversed a probate judge’s decision to order a schizophrenic woman to undergo an abortion and to then be sterilized, saying the woman had consistently expressed her opposition to the practice as a Roman Catholic. According to the Boston Globe, in October, the state Department of Mental Heath filed a […]

Brown joins Republicans in blocking Halligan confirmation

by mafamily

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid failed on Tuesday to override a Republican filibuster of a radical Obama nominee for the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. In a 54-45 vote, the U.S. Senate put the brakes on the confirmation of liberal extremist Caitlin Halligan. Senator Scott Brown was one of the votes to prevent her confirmation, […]

Polygamists follow same-sex lead

by mafamily

Friends of the Family, During our long battle to pass the Marriage Amendment, anytime someone mentioned polygamy in the same sentence as same-sex “marriage” our opponents would scream that there was no link between the two, and that they simply wanted so-called “marriage equality.” Well, we are now there! Same-sex “marriage” is legal in six […]