MFI Mission

Recognizing that healthy families are indispensable to the preservation of a strong and free society, Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) is dedicated to strengthening the family and affirming the Judeo-Christian values upon which it is based. MFI is a non-partisan public policy organization dedicated to strengthening families in Massachusetts. MFI engages in research and education on a wide range of public policy issues to strengthen the well-being, health and safety of families – its individual members and the collective unit.

About MFI

Established in 1991, MFI is Massachusetts’ leading faith-based, pro-family advocacy organization providing legal support, research, and education on critical issues impacting the sanctity of life, religious liberty, and family values.

While many of the issues in which MFI engages are complex, we believe that the best solutions are found through a system of valuing the life, freedom, and well-being of every child, woman, and man. We work to promote a social and legal order where families can thrive and prosper.

To that end, we seek to combat threats to the rights of families, churches, and communities and to build an environment where all people can thrive and prosper.

MFI is a proactive, public voice on a number of issues including:
  • Safeguarding the rights of churches and religious organizations to operate free from government interference;
  • Championing the rights of all individuals to practice and live according to their faith;
  • Defending the rights of those who hold a biblical view of marriage as embodying the complementarity of male and female;
  • Affirming the inherent differences between men and women as natural and valuable characteristics to be embraced, not weaknesses to be overcome;
  • Recognizing the male and female sexes as a real and enduring part of a person’s created nature, not an imaginary social construct;
  • Protecting life from conception to natural death, including the lives of the unborn, the elderly, and the most vulnerable among us;
  • Promoting parents’ rights regarding the education and welfare of their children;
  • Safeguarding the innocence of childhood as central to children’s healthy spiritual and mental development.

MFI is an independent, not-for-profit organization and supported through the generosity of our contributors.

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