Liam Morrison Censored AGAIN – MFI Prepares to Take Action

At the end of last week, MFI received a call from a mom in Middleborough who told us that her stepson had been censored by his public middle school for wearing a t-shirt that featured “hate speech.” So, what did the shirt say? Five simple words: “There are only two genders.”

Twelve-year-old Liam Morrison is a 7th grade student at Nichols Middle School. He asked his parents to buy him the shirt because he noticed that many students and teachers at his school had bought into radical gender ideology. Even at twelve years old, Liam understood that our culture has gone off the rails when it comes to beliefs about gender. He decided that he could not sit idly by as people all around him accepted a lie, so he spoke up. Unfortunately, he was not allowed to speak for long; the principal pulled him aside and asked him to change his shirt. When he politely declined, he had to leave school.

MFI responded to this violation of Liam’s First Amendment right to free speech by sending the school a demand letter last Thursday. Since then, Liam’s case has gone viral. Over the weekend, national news outlets ranging from Fox News to the popular “Libs of TikTok” Twitter account posted the video of Liam’s eloquent speech to the Middleborough School Committee. The speech has now received over thirteen million views.

Today, Liam wore the shirt pictured below demonstrating that his free speech was censored by the district.

In a move that should not surprise anyone at this point, the school made him take this shirt off, too.

MFI is now preparing to take legal action on behalf of Liam and his parents to vindicate Liam’s right to speak truth in a culture inundated by lies. We will need your continued prayers and support to win this fight. Would you join us?

Please consider making a donation today to help MFI continue the vital work of defending the free speech rights of students like Liam.


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