Pro-Life Students Counterprotest Boston Women’s March

Last month, students at Gordon College, a Christian college in Wenham, Massachusetts, stood alongside Students for Life to counterprotest the Women’s March. As both a student and current MFI intern, I happily attended and co-wrote an article on the event in one of the college’s student publications The Gordon Review.

I want you to know that despite the opposition faced by the pro-life cause in Massachusetts, there is still a steady effort from the younger generation to stand up for life. Abortion is a multi-generational issue, and I, as well as others in this pro-life generation, hope to encourage you to take a stand and continue raising generations that will likewise stand up for the unborn.

The article is linked below:

We attended the march to act as pro-life representation, publishing this article shortly after about their various interactions and experiences with both individuals from the Women’s March and curious passers-by. These students saw great value in having meaningful conversations about abortion, proving that a generation of pro-life individuals will continue to carry the torch of life for years to come.

I’m happy to see that there are college students, not only from Gordon, but surrounding colleges willing to stand for life in the Commonwealth, and I look forward to watching this generation rise up to protect the unborn.

For our families,

Giovanna Johnson, current MFI Research Intern


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