Business Owner? Entrepreneur? Grow with us!

Every year, over 500 guests from around the Bay State join together at MFI’s Annual Fundraising Banquet to hear from a dynamic pro-family speaker and to celebrate our shared family values. As many from our network of family advocates gather at this event, we believe this is an excellent opportunity for local small business, services, or ministries to connect with like-minded individuals in their community!

MFI 2018 Banquet

If you own a small business, provide a service, or would like to share information about your church, ministry, or private school, we are opening up the opportunity for you to be featured in our banquet program through a corporate sponsorship.

Featuring your business or organization in this year’s program is especially fitting given our keynote speaker, John Stonestreet. As president of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview and host of BreakPoint radio, John Stonestreet has used his platform to both advocate for Christian businesses, organizations, and individuals and also to educate Christians on entrepreneurial vocation.

In his popular book, A Practical Guide to Culture, Stonestreet outlines the critical role people like you play in shaping our culture. He writes that entrepreneurs “dramatically reshaped American culture over the last several decades.” Stonestreet argues that both in our personal lives and in our vocations, “‘engaging in the culture’ isn’t really optional” – we are called to employ our Christian worldview in the workplace. On his BreakPoint website, John Stonestreet features Christian businesses, organizations, and individuals who do this, participating in what he calls “God’s audacious plan to change the world through everyday people.”

We hope that you are inspired by John’s belief that organizations like yours are critical to changing the culture in Massachusetts and around the world. If so, grow your network with us! And join us in changing the culture in Massachusetts.

This year, we’re offering a special 25% off discount for first time sponsors! If you are interested in sponsoring this year’s banquet featuring John Stonestreet, please email Luz Burgos-Ortiz at for more details on sponsorship level options, or contact our main office at 781-569-0400 by September 20th


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