It has begun…

Last night, Governor Baker signed the Counseling Ban into law. It had been amended with an “emergency preamble,” so it goes into effect immediately. Sadly, it is already having exactly the tragic consequences we predicted. Over the weekend, a family contacted MFI looking for counseling help for their daughter, who is in crisis with rapid onset gender dysphoria. This teenager first mentioned that she thought she was “trans” less than two weeks ago, but with the encouragement of her health provider, she is already demanding to be put on testosterone injections. I was on the phone yesterday afternoon with a counselor, explaining the situation and hoping to connect her with the family. Even though I’ve been warning about it for years, it still was a shock to me when the licensed counselor told me she was not comfortable treating the girl because of the new law, which she assumed, correctly, would be signed.

One of the lobbyists for this new law said yesterday that it would prevent treatments that are, “cruel and barbaric… tantamount to child abuse.” Of course, precisely the opposite is true. This teenage girl will now be steered, by law, exclusively towards cross-sex hormone injections and likely surgical amputation of her healthy sex organs. THAT is ‘cruel and barbaric’ and is unquestionably child abuse.

I am sometimes asked if I worry about “being on the wrong side of history,” because of MFI’s advocacy for traditional morality. Not a chance. It may be very much in fashion now, but “history” will eventually look back on this transgender movement with horror, consternation and embarrassment, not unlike the witch trials of a few centuries ago.

In the meantime, rest assured that the fight is not over. We are working with local families and counselors and national legal experts to challenge this extraordinarily invasive assault on the rights of parents and the free speech of mental health providers. Please pray for us as we continue to pursue justice, now in the courts, and contact me if you believe this law is affecting you or someone you know.

For our families,


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