Keep MA Safe Releases Second Campaign Ad: Mom Voting No On 3

No On 3, Keep MA Safe | News Release


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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

No On 3 – Keep MA Safe, the ballot question committee to repeal the Bathroom and Locker Room law, launched its second campaign ad on October 3.

The video features Gina, a Massachusetts mother of three, who will be voting “No” on ballot question 3 in November to protect her daughter and the safety of all women, children and vulnerable minorities in Massachusetts.  The video that runs just over 30 seconds, shows Gina describing the experience of her young daughter, who had to change in the girl’s locker room in the presence of a boy. The video describes how the current Bathroom, Locker Room and Shower Law “allows men into women’s spaces.”  Gina emphasizes, “Our children deserve the right to privacy. They deserve to be able to feel comfortable. They should be able to change and not feel like their privacy is being invaded. They deserve that.” The ad also describes the penalties for noncompliance with the law, by stating that if a woman tries to speak up to protect herself, “she would face fines or even jail.”

The No On 3 – Keep MA Safe ballot question committee formed to repeal the Bathroom, Locker Room and Shower Law because the definition of gender identity is too broad and is ripe for abuse, as in the case that Gina describes.  The group has dozens of examples of dangers that women face that are exacerbated by this law. “Many voters aren’t aware that when this law was going through the Legislature, they voted to allow convicted sex offenders to enter women’s restrooms, dressing rooms, locker rooms and showers,” said Debby Dugan, Chairwoman of the “No” campaign, which is why she is heading up the campaign.

No On 3 – Keep MA Safe is a ballot campaign to repeal the bathroom bill enacted by the legislature in July of 2016 that allows a person to claim any gender, regardless of anatomy, and use the bathroom or locker room facility based on their claimed gender—even convicted sex offenders.



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