Stan Rosenberg’s “family values”

The culture of corruption and depravity in our state legislature runs deeper than even I imagined.  Yesterday, the Boston Globe dropped a bomb shell story on Beacon Hill.  I won’t repeat the graphic details, but suffice it to say that Byron Hefner, the “husband” of our state Senate President, has apparently been sexually assaulting other men at the State House and using his political access and influence to get away with it.  Until yesterday.  So far, Senator Stan Rosenberg denies knowing what Hefner, a former staffer 38 years his junior, was up to.  The two were “married” in Cambridge barely a year ago.

While Hefner was groping his way through the halls of power, Senate President Rosenberg has been a zealous advocate for his anti-family agenda in the Senate.

  1. He pushed through Planned Parenthood’s Sex Ed Mandate bill both in 2016 and again in July of this year.
  2. In response to a sexual assault victim’s privacy concerns over men using women’s bathrooms and locker rooms under 2016 transgender bathroom bill, Rosenberg infamously declared that women have nothing to worry about because “transgender women [biological males who ‘identify’ as female] are women.”
  3. Just one month ago, Rosenberg presided over the Senate’s passage of a bill that would eliminate criminal penalties for adults who have “unnatural sexual intercourse” with children.

There are now calls for Rosenberg’s resignation.  It is appalling what we are discovering when the curtain is pulled back on Beacon Hill.  In other news, the MA House of Representatives this week heard testimony on a bill that would decriminalize prostitution.  Representative Kay Khan of Newton sponsored the legislation.  She is also the sponsor of the Counseling Ban bill.  In Rep Khan’s Massachusetts, selling one’s body for sex should not be a crime, but helping children escape a life of sexual depravity (see above) would be child abuse.  We will continue to call out these blatant hypocrisies.  Please pray that as the truth is revealed, a bit of common sense may be restored to our government.

For our families,


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