Vote NO on Question 4

While MFI is excited that MA citizens will have the opportunity to repeal the Bathroom and Locker Room Law in 2018, next month, we have the chance to stop the legalization of recreational marijuana.cannabis-1254745_640

MFI is working with a broad, bipartisan coalition of leaders throughout the Commonwealth who understand the dangers of marijuana. Please vote NO on Question 4 this November to protect children and teens from the slippery slope that is recreational marijuana. Some facts you should know about Question 4:

  • It is a ballot measure that’s all about commercialization, not legalization. It’s a business plan disguised as a law, designed to enable a billion-dollar-a-year commercial marijuana industry to set up shop all across Massachusetts. Whatever you feel about marijuana, Question 4 is the wrong direction and goes too far.
  • It specifically authorizes the sale and promotion of high potency marijuana edibles.
  • It will increase the danger from drugged driving while offering no solutions to this growing problem.
  • It would mean communities and homeowners lose control.

Please see this newly released video that seeks to educate voters on Question 4:

marijuana video


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