BREAKING: Senate passes Bathroom Bill

This week, MFI has been criss-crossing the Commonwealth, speaking out for family values.

Tuesday night, I had the distinct pleasure of addressing a gathering of conservative leaders and activists DSCF5878Andrew at Lakeside in Pittsfield, MA.  Our friends at Lakeside Christian Camp & Conference Center graciously hosted this MFI update dinner at their beautiful waterfront facility in the furthest reaches of Western Mass.  As you can imagine, I spent much of my talk discussing the Transgender Bathroom Bill and answering questions about the current status of pending legislation on issues of life, human sexuality and religious freedom.  This was a wonderful and encouraging evening, and we hope to make a regular event of bringing MFI to the Berkshires.

Then, on Wednesday morning I hopped in my car and drove back east for an MFI press conference at the Statehouse in Boston.  We flew out national Kaeley Triller - press conferencespokeswoman Kaeley Triller to educate our local media and legislators on the threat to women and children’s safety and privacy if the MA Bathroom Bill is passed into law.  We scheduled this press conference for Wednesday, because the MA State Senate was scheduled to vote on their version of the bill today.

The President of the Senate, Stan Rosenberg, himself an unrelenting activist for every LGBT cause, dismissed the concerns raised by Kaeley and others at our press conference yesterday by saying, “The suggestion that passage of the [transgender bathroom] bill will bring ‘an unwanted male presence’ into women’s rooms is erroneous. Transgender men are men, and transgender women are women.” What Rosenberg is saying, is that men like Bruce Jenner, who change their name but NOT their male anatomy, ARE women.  This is obviously false, if not borderline delusional, and demonstrates that the leader of our Commonwealth’s upper legislative chamber lacks a basic understanding of the significance and purpose of reproductive anatomy.

Today’s debate on the bill included discussion of a five year old girl who identifies as a male, present in the chamber with her parents and siblings.  They were lauded by advocates of the bill.  It is unconscionable that lawmakers and mental health professionals have convinced a family to go along with the gender confusion of a child who hasn’t even started kindergarten.  This will likely result, if it hasn’t already, in hormonal injections, puberty blockers and perhaps eventually surgical amputation of healthy organs.  We must pray for this child.

Yet another senator admonished his colleagues to follow the moral code he learned at parochial school to “love thy neighbor” even if they have a different gender identity.  But if we truly loved our neighbors, we would not encourage them to collaborate with a mental disorder known as “gender dysphoria.”

Another senator informed her colleagues that the alphabet soup of sexuality is no longer confined to LGBT, but now also includes “Q” for “questioning” and that “Q” is perhaps the most important identity of all.  This demonstrates that no one really knows where this agenda is headed or when it will end.

As we anticipated, less than an hour ago the Bathroom Bill was passed by this chamber. The real battle will be sometime in the near future in the MA House.  Rest assured, MFI and our pro-family allies will be there to represent your values and continue to speak the truth on this issue.

And finally, this weekend, I’ll be headed to Worcester for the Iron Sharpens Iron men’s conference at First iron sharpens ironAssembly of God.  I have the privilege of not only representing MFI but also our national legal partner Alliance Defending Freedom.  I’ll be speaking at 10:45 on the topic of courage, cultural exile and religious freedom.  If you’re in the Worcester area or can get there Saturday morning, consider joining us for what should be an uplifting and empowering event.

For our families,

andrew s full blue


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