Tar Heels Halt Transgender Assault on Bathrooms and its Implications for MA

As you likely heard in the news this week, last Wednesday evening North Carolina Governor McCrory signed into law a bill that ensures men cannot go into women’s bathrooms, locker rooms and showers because these settings are limited to persons of the same biological sex.  It also clarifies that the state, not local cities and municipalities, is responsible for enacting new laws regulating and impacting commerce to avoid a patchwork of confusing local employment laws that would be harmful to commerce, labor and trade in the state.  MFI’s counterpart in the Tar Heel state, the North Carolina Family Policy Council, was instrumental in getting this emergency legislation passed.

This is an encouraging victory for the national pro-family movement as we fight against a statewide transgender Bathroom Bill right here in Massachusetts that would threaten the safety and privacy of women and children. Last night, I debated the reality of the Bathroom Bill on NECN with Sue O’Connell. In case you missed it, you can watch the debate here.

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Unsurprisingly, the pushback and threats against Governor McCrory from large corporations (American Airlines, Bank of America, etc.) and the NBA have been intense.  Fortunately, the North Carolina governor has continued to stay strong on his decision to sign this law.  However, in light of the corporate bullying from big businesses across the country, his office has informed our national network that he is getting nervous.  This is important for us here in MA, as a loss on the bathroom issue in a conservative state with a Republican governor like North Carolina would create a lot of pressure on our governor to also yield to transgender activists.  So I’m asking you to pray for both governors and take a moment to encourage governor McCrory through Facebook and vote “NO” on this online poll.  By helping him weather this media storm, we help protect privacy and safety in our own bathrooms, locker rooms and changing facilities.

For our families,

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