Pro-Family Lobby Day a success

Wednesday was “Pro-Family Lobby Day” on Beacon Hill. Some 50 “Citizen-Lobbyists” coming from all across the Commonwealth, joined MFI, Catholic Citizenship and the Renew Mass Coalition at the State House. They called on their legislators to represent their values by supporing legislation to defund Lobby Day 2016Planned Parenthood, opposing the Sex Ed Mandate and its stripping away of control over health education from local school committees, and standing up for their privacy and safety by saying “No” to the Bathroom Bill.  Here are MFI’s one page issue briefs on each of these bills:

Lobby Day highlights included briefings from Representatives Jim Lyons (North Andover), Kevin Kuros (Uxbridge), Joe McKenna (Webster), and David DeCoste (Norwell). “Citizen-Lobbyists” also received lobbying instructions and issue briefings from Catholic Citizenship Executive Director Agatha Bodwell and the Coalition’s Daniel Grayton.  I had the privilege myself of helping to prepare this diverse cross-section of our Commonwealth (we had retirees, young professionals, concerned parents and even elementary school children) to speak confidently to their legislators.

Energized and well-equipped by the presentations, attendees went throughout the State House visiting their representatives and senators, speaking with them or their staff and leaving detailed information regarding these three key pro-family issues. For a number of attendees, this was their first-ever Lobby Day, and they found it to be a very informative and rewarding experience.

The NewBostonPost featured our Pro-Family Lobby Day last night with a picture of the group speaking out against the Bathroom Bill, which would undermine the safety and privacy of all for the sexual preferences of few. The article also gives a helpful explanation of the recently filed bill to defund Planned Parenthood.

When our pro-family legislators spoke, they encouraged the Lobby Day participants that their voices do have influence on Beacon Hill…. and so does yours! If you were unable to join us Wednesday for Lobby Day, please take time to call your legislator and let them hear what you, as their constituent, think about the pending legislation.

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Thank you to all who came out yesterday for helping us make Lobby Day a success!

For our families,

andrew s full blue


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