A Simple Question for Bruce Jenner

I happened to be in an airport as the media bonanza over former Olympian Bruce Jenner’s “coming out as a woman” started to really take off.  Waiting Bruce-Jenner-Call-Me-Caitlyn-0604in line to go through security, a pregnant woman in front of me declined to go through the x-ray scanner and requested to be patted down instead.  The male TSA agent dutifully called for a “female assist” to do the job.  It made me wonder, who will pat down Bruce Jenner?  He’ll surely be traveling
widely, doing media interviews and celebratory events, so who will pat down his surgically modified body if he sets off a scanner?  My guess is that he will insist on a female TSA agent, despite retaining his male genitalia.

Should a female TSA agent be expected to pat down the body of a gold medal men’s decathlon champion?  Or should a male TSA agent have to run his hands over the surgically-enhanced chest that has been flaunted on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine?  I don’t think there’s going to be a good answer to “who pats down Bruce Jenner.” tsa patdown We know that, whether it’s US Rep. Joe Kennedy III demanding passage of the Bathroom Bill here in MA, or President Obama requiring transgender compliance in the workplace, transgenderism is the latest liberal cause to be loudly celebrated and aggressively promoted.  Even local sports talk radio is kowtowing to Bruce as “Caitlyn.”

This rapid embracing of identity confusion, previously considered a mental illness known as “Gender Identity Disorder,” as “normal” or even “courageous,” can be very confusing.  What do you say to a man who tells you he is a woman?  More to the point, what do we tell our children when they inevitably ask questions about Bruce/Caitlyn?  Fortunately, our national partners at Focus on the Family have released an excellent resource on how to talk to our kids about this issue.  You can view it here.  For a short but insightful read on the psychology behind this issue, I strongly recommend this article by the former Chair of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins, Paul McHugh.

Please know that here at MFI we are working diligently to protect your family from being forced to accept the flagrant denial of reality that is transgenderism.  Take a moment to email your State Representative about the Bathroom Bill HERE, and let me know if you hear of any instances of workplace discrimination against someone for refusing to participate in the transgender charade.

For our families,

andrew s full blue


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