Report on Fatherlessness: Online Release

As we work to promote and preserve family values in our culture, we know we can’t put a price tag on the value of the traditional family as an institution.  But we are able to count the costs, both economically and socially, of family decline in our Commonwealth. And so, as part of our research and education mission, we are publishing a brand new report on the costs of family decline, particularly the problem of fatherlessness, here in MA.

Traditional family values, marriage, fidelity, sexual purity, all have objective, measurable value to our culture and communities – the census and social science back that up, and we have made the case with the latest data available.


Tragically, we see that 35% of newborn children in MA are entering the world without a married mother and father, and this leads to the increasing number of children who have to grow up without the benefit of both a mother and a father in the home.  The erosion of Judeo-Christian values from our cultural and political landscape has led to the decline of the family, and this report shows how it’s children, often the most vulnerable among us, who suffer the most from this.

We have free, downloadable copies of the report available for you below.  We encourage you to read it and then give it to your priest or pastor – there’s good sermon material in there.  Please give a copy to your state legislator – it’s a great tool for helping them understand why family values are important to all of us, and it’s a non-confrontational way to let them know you, as their constituent, support the work and mission of MFI.

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 Click here to browse through the online fatherlessness report.

 Click here to download a complete .PDF version of the report.


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