What "Comprehensive" health education really means…

Any time you hear the term “comprehensive” as a way to describe legislation, you can be sure the government has big plans to invade a new corner of our lives.  “Comprehensive ‘health’ education” for our public schools is no exception.  That is why we at MFI are working hard to prevent legislation like this from being passed in Massachusetts.  This is part of our efforts to keep highly objectionable material from being forced on our public schools and into the impressionable minds of our children.   For a good expose of what our children are being taught and the rationale behind the ‘curriculum’, which often comes from organizations like Planned Parenthood, watch this video.

 [WARNING: the content of this video is not suitable for children.]

We know for a certainty that one of the books mentioned in the video, It’s Perfectly Normal, is being used in Massachusetts schools, as MFI was recently contacted by a parent who was very upset that her young daughter had been exposed to that book in her ‘health’ class.  It's perfectly normal coverIf House Bill 421, the Health Frameworks legislation, is passed, it will establish a one-size-fits-all approach to sex education and remove local community control over choosing appropriate curriculum.  Books like “It’s Perfectly Normal” will be mandated state-wide.  This ‘comprehensive’ legislation would also eliminate local control regarding WHEN sensitive topics are taught to young children, removing power from parents and educators to make these decisions based on their knowledge of the school system and its population.
Children as young as five years old would be required to define sexual orientation using the so-called ‘correct’ terminology, such as ‘heterosexual, gay, and lesbian.’  Slightly older children would be ‘educated’ on how to obtain contraceptives or even an abortion without parental consent or knowledge, and would be encouraged to experiment with ‘alternative’ sexual behaviors.   On Tuesday, May 14, there will be a public hearing at the State House on this bill, and MFI will be there to testify against it.  Please join us in stopping this bill and maintaining local control over this sensitive topic by our towns and cities.  There are two things you can do:

  1. Let us know what innappropriate material your children or grandchildren have already been exposed to in the name of ‘health’ education.  We need these concrete examples to effectively present our case to the legislature and to voters.
  2. Volunteer to testify as a parent, educator, or concerned citizen.  The more voice the legislature hears from on May 14th, the stronger our message will be.


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