MA Transgender Agenda Makes National News

MFI broke a national news story Friday afternoon, February 15th, with our raising the alarm about the Massachusetts Commissioner of Education’s new transgender bathroom policy. The document states that school bath rooms, locker rooms, and athletic teams must now be open to students of either sex, depending on what gender a student decides to be. This is a warrantless violation of the safety and privacy rights of all students and goes far beyond the scope of the recent transgender law.
It’s obvious the Commissioner’s office had planned to avoid the School Bathroomssurge of media inquiries and calls from outraged parents by releasing the new policy on a Friday before school vacation week, but that plan appears to have backfired. News outlets across the country (SF Chronicle, WorldNet Daily) have publicized the issue.  Now we need you as parents, grandparents, and concerned MA citizens to partner with us in turning back this radical bathroom policy in our schools.
What we need YOU to do:
1. Call your local school committee members and demand that they refuse to implement the Commissioner’s new transgender policy.
2. Call or Email your State Representative. Tell him or her what you think of Commissioner Chester’s plan to violate the modesty, privacy and safety of our children. Demand that he or she join the bipartisan group of 33 State Representatives who have been trying to meet with the Commissioner since last July.
3. Contact MFI with any information on schools where cross-gendered bathroom use is being practiced.  Our belief is that this policy goes beyond the scope of existing law and we are looking into possible legal action to stop it.
What MFI will do:
1. Continue to keep up the pressure in the public arena.  MFI VP Andrew Beckwith did five interviews over the weekend, resulting in the Associated Press story, as well as radio spots on WBUR and WERS.
2. Work with pro-family legislators to pass “An Act Relative to Privacy and Safety in Public Accommodations,” which would ensure that people use restrooms and locker room facilities consistent with their anatomical sex.
This is a prime example of where the GLBTQ’s radical sexual agenda has a direct impact on our children.  Together, I believe we can hold our ground on this issue and start to stem the tide of cultural decline.


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