Voter Registration Sunday

Every two years we hear about the importance of voting in elections and how a particular year’s elections are the most important in history. While the ‘most important election in history’ is an overused phrase, we as Value Voters must remember that every election is an essential part of good stewardship.
Here is a quick summary of what a registered voter will find on the ballot this November:

  • Elections for State Representative and State Senator. Many of these will be uncontested, but several will be highly competitive, especially those where pro-family legislators elected last cycle face stiff opposition.
  • Elections for President, U.S. Senate and Congress. The presidential election, of course, features President Obama versus former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. There are nine congressional races, including one open seat and this year’s U.S. Senate race pits Senator Scott Brown against Elizabeth Warren.
  • Two ballot questions of particular interest to Christian voters. The “Death with Dignity” referendum would allow doctors to prescribe lethal drugs to patients who want to commit suicide. The “Medical Marijuana” referendum would legalize marijuana shops to sell the drug to “patients” who get a “recommendation” from a doctor.

As you can see, there are several great reasons why Value Voters must come out and vote this November.  But in order to vote, one must be registered.
MFI and our friends at the Coalition for Marriage & Family have designated Sunday, July 29, as Voter Registration Sunday which is a scant three weeks before the registration deadline. We are urging churches throughout the Commonwealth to conduct voter registration drives at services that weekend. Sanctioned and encouraged by the IRS, a church voter registration drive: 1) helps those who have never registered before, 2) reminds those who’ve recently moved to be sure they are properly registered, and 3) encourages people to practice civic stewardship by exercising their God-given duty to vote.
I appeal to you to approach your pastor and ask him or her to host Voter Registration Sunday at your church on Sunday, July 29, if at all possible. We have the resources to help you conduct the drive, including a bulletin insert that can run on July 22 notifying parishioners that you’ll be registering voters the following Sunday. If you want to choose a different day for your registration drive, we’re still more than happy to assist.
Please send an email to informing us of your commitment to host, or for more information, or requesting another date.


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