Constitutional Convention finished for the year

A Constitutional Convention took place today at the State House and was dissolved for the remainder of the legislative term. Though we didn’t expect any votes to take place, MFI was there to closely monitor the proceedings because of two

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Joel Rosenberg – IMPLOSION

Americans increasingly fear for the future of their country. They are openly asking whether the U.S. is simply a nation in decline, heading for collapse, or actually on the verge of the greatest revival of all time.  Many wonder if

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Marriage Headed to Nation’s Highest Court

In the past week, the American family has once again come under attack.  The threat is a familiar one; activist judges who have a distinct animosity to faith and tradition, and who want to restructure our society in their own

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Exxon Mobile Refuses to be Bullied by Homosexual Agenda

From the Family Research Council’s Washington Update: It won’t change how much we’re paying for gas, but it might comfort you to know that at Exxon-Mobil your business isn’t fueling the homosexual agenda. For the 13th straight year, shareholders voted

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DC Comics announces Green Lantern is homosexual

From OneNewsNow: Marvel has X-Men hero Northstar “marrying” his partner, Kyle Jinadu, in “Astonishing X-Men” No. 52, due out June 20. Likewise, DC Comics has announced that the Green Lantern is homosexual. DC co-founder Dan DiDio told attendees at the

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