Two Anti-Casino Events Where We Need YOU

From our friends at No Eastie Casino:
Hi Neighbors,
A Boston casino, with its big promises and flashy artist’s renderings, is going full-steam ahead — unless we step in and do something about it. We, the people, can say NO to this. The people of East Boston and Revere will have an opportunity to vote on whether we want this, and we’re convinced that given all the information, our neighborhoods will reject this. The rest of the city will feel the impacts of this casino as well. But we have to get the word out. Here are two ways to do that in the next few days. If you oppose this casino, or at least have serious questions about it, please make every effort to make it to one or both of these events:
Orient Heights Visibility/Stand-out
Saturday, June 23, 10 a.m.
Orient Heights in East Boston will be ground zero for all the crime, traffic, bankruptcy, addiction, and other impacts a casino will have on our city. We’ve had solid crowds at both of our visibilities so far (see the attached photo of your neighbors standing out at Day Square), and this Saturday’s visibility is the culmination of our visibility work so far. We’ll also will hopefully be sending a few people out to flyer Orient Heights and talk with neighbors about the casino’s impacts. As always, 10 a.m. sharp, slush/refreshments will be served, it’s family friendly, we’ll have signs, etc. See you there!
Community Casino Meeting
Monday, June 25, 6-8 p.m.
We’ve heard Suffolk Downs/Caesars’ plans, and it’s still a bad deal. Now it’s our turn. Get the info the developers, politicians, and local media aren’t giving you. This is an open call to casino skeptics/opponents from all over Boston, Revere, Chelsea, Winthrop, Everett, Nahant, and any other affected community — a collective rallying cry that we will not lie down and take this! Feel free to bring neighbors and friends who are on the fence. We will go over the casino approval and voting process, take a closer look at the specific proposal Suffolk Downs/Caesars has put on the table, and hear the ways in which you can help the cause. If you’ve missed our other activities and meetings so far, come to this one. Have your voice heard!
Do you live in East Boston or Revere and want a yard or window sign (“casiNO” or “Vote No Casino”)? Reply with your name, address, and phone #, and we’ll drop one at your house!
Have you signed the petition yet?
Have you found us on Facebook yet?
Thank you for your support. As always, send us your questions, concerns, and good ideas.
Steve for No Eastie Casino


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