Boston judge finds marijuana ballot language "misleading"

For the first time in Massachusetts legal history, a Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) ordered the Attorney General to correct a “misleading” statement on the ballot and voter’s guide being prepared by the Secretary of State for the upcoming November election.
Justice Robert Cordy rendered his decision on June 7 after hearing arguments from the Massachusetts Prevention Alliance (MAPA) concerning an upcoming ballot initiative to legalize marijuana for “medical use.”  The MFI staff worked closely with MAPA to craft the legal argument, insisting that voters had to be informed that passing this law would result in a system of marijuana “dispensaries” and public possession throughout the Commonwealth.  The judge agreed, and ordered the Attorney General to come up with new “yes” vote language to inform citizens about the marijuana “production and distribution system” that will operate independently.  Based on MAPA’s “fast track” litigation strategy, the new, more accurate language must be submitted to SJC for approval within the next few weeks!  [See Boston Globe article on the win.]
To keep this legal challenge going, MAPA is urgently seeking donations.  MAPA is seeking to appeal the Judge’s decision on the term “medical marijuana” and go before the full MA Supreme Judicial Court to litigate the fallacy of this term.   This has never been done before.  Proponents working to legalize marijuana have been successful in getting states to pass similar laws using a term they crafted as a deceitful marketing ploy: “medical marijuana.” Despite the fact that the Food and Drug Administration as well as the American Medical Association have never verified any medical benefit of marijuana, the deceitful marketing ploy has been a brilliant campaign; duping the public and hiding the real dangers and harm of this drug from the voters by wrapping it around compassionate care of our sick and dying.  We have an opportunity here in Massachusetts to put an end to this disingenuous, misleading term.  During the hearing last Monday, Judge Cordy said it all when he asked the AG’s representing counsel, “So what if the ballot question was titled the medical use of cigarettes?”
Please help MAPA pursue this case and put the debate before the Supreme Judicial Court by making a donation to MAPA either through Paypal on their web site at: or by sending a check made out to the Massachusetts Prevention Alliance at:
Massachusetts Prevention Alliance
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