Family Institute Comments on DOMA as “Unconstitutional”

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May 31, 2012
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Family Institute Comments on DOMA as “Unconstitutional”

Woburn – The Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI), the Commonwealth’s leading public policy organization committed to defending traditional marriage, today called the Massachusetts Federal Appeals Court ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act, “Unconscionable and another overreach of a Massachusetts court on the definition of marriage.”
MFI President, Kris Mineau said, “This Court has followed the same flawed logic as the Margaret Marshall-led Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court in throwing out the historical definition that marriage is between a man and a woman, the essential institution for the procreation and nurturing of children. The ruling refutes every credible study on the importance of mother-father led families in promoting a healthy society.”
The case will likely head to the United States Supreme Court, following the way of the California Proposition 8 ruling.
“This Court has the audacity to hold the federal government hostage and force all Americans to recognize a radical social experiment from Massachusetts. This is a denigration of our federalist system and its time-tested reliability,” Mineau added.
MFI is confident that the Supreme Court will not only take the case but overturn it – having historically disagreed with activist rulings of the 9th and 1st Circuit Courts which do not reflect the jurisprudence of the nation as a whole.

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