“October Baby” gets delivered to Massachusetts

After opening in nearly 400 theaters last month, October Baby heads into new territory beginning Friday when 190 new theaters, including five in Massachusetts, begin showing what Courageous director Alex Kendrick calls, “A great movie with a great message.” This weekend is a great time to get a group of friends or your family together to see October Baby and celebrate Every Life Is Beautiful!
October Baby is a movie about a woman named Hannah who discovers, after collapsing during a college performance, that she was actually adopted after a failed abortion attempt. Bewildered, angered, and confused, Hannah turns for support to Jason, her oldest friend. Encouraged by his adventurous spirit, Hannah joins his group of friends on Spring Break road trip, embarking on a journey to discover her hidden past…and find hope for her unknown future.
The theaters in Massachusetts are in Bellingham, Danvers, Leominster, and two in Springfield. Here are more details and online ticketing options: http://www.octoberbabymovie.net/newtheaters/state/MA/
While the movie will be showing through Thursday at each of these new theaters, if you are near one of the locations, make plans to see it this weekend. A strong weekend showing will encourage theaters to keep the movie beyond its first week.
I had the pleasure of an advance screening of October Baby. It hits a home run with a riveting and touching portrayal of abortion’s impact on the lives of children, women, and families. Beautifully done with a superb script and talented acting, this movie is a must not only for families and the public at large, but ministry leaders and pro-life advocates. Kudos to American Family Studios and Provident Films!


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