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As you know, our Family Values Lobby Day is next Tuesday, March 27. If you haven’t RSVP’d yet for this rewarding and important event, please do so today: www.mafamily.org/event/lobby-day-rsvp/1747/. This is a great opportunity to participate directly in state government, and meet and greet fellow pro-family activists and supportive legislators.
I encourage you to read through this week’s Commonwealth Update because there is a lot of good information about pending legislation. This week there was small victory on the fight against marijuana, but there are two major battles still pending on this issue.
While there is sad news out of New Hampshire as that state’s House of Representatives failed to restore marriage, Vermont legislators decided that they did not want to join Washington and Oregon as the only states to legalize assisted suicide. With lots of hard work over the next few months, hopefully the Massachusetts voters will come to the same conclusion when they head to the polls on November 6.
The fights over same-sex “marriage” and abortion trump nearly everything else, so regrettably the legalization of marijuana and doctor-prescribed death don’t rise to the same level in people’s hearts and minds.. But at the end of the day, MFI has always been committed to strengthening the family – parents, children and values.
Legalizing a drug, whether for medical or recreational purposes, is wrong and will certainly put families and children in danger. Endorsing a policy that requires doctors to intentionally prescribe a lethal drug is manslaughter, especially when you consider the type of abuse and coercion that could go into the decision. We support life from conception to natural death. Period.
As always, these battles require resources. Please CLICK HERE to send us a generous donation as we continue our work to educate the public on these two anti-family campaigns going on in our state right now. The culture war takes on many forms, and we must take each battle just as seriously, or we will wake up to a Commonwealth and a nation we can’t in good faith leave to our children and grandchildren.
For our families,
P.S. For more information on our Family Values Lobby Day, CLICK HERE. We know it is not easy to take a day off to come into Boston, but we ask that you strongly consider doing just that as this is the most important event we will hold at the State House this year.


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