EVENT: The Church’s Role in the Heath Care Crisis

The Mockler Center at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary is hosting a symposium on Saturday morning, March 17. There is no dispute that there is a health care crisis in this country, as costs are out of control, coverage is imperfect and the debate remains so divisive politically.
The truth is the neither government nor the market will ever solve the health care problem on their own. Healing the sick was central to the ministry of Jesus and his commission to his followers. For most of the 2000 years of Christianity, Christians have been high impact health care givers, hospital founders, and the like. But sadly, such has not been the case in recent decades.
The March 17 event is a call to pastors, lay leaders, and heath care givers of all types to take in a half-day of serious reflection on what God might have our churches do. Attendees will hear about church-based preventive health care, wellness programs, dietary and fitness programs, commissioning and support of health care workers in our church, neighborhood clinic, etc. These are ideas that you and your church can adopt today.
Among the speakers will be Dr. G. Timothy Johnson, Dr. Ray Hammon, Dr. Stephen Ko, Dr. Eno Mondesir, and Dr. David Gill. You can find out more about each of these speakers on our website  by clicking here. The cost of registration is $20 before March 12, and $30 after March 12. There are also special student rates. Every registrant will receive a copy of Dr. Johnson’s new book, “The Truth About Getting Sick in America.”
Click Here for more information and link to the registration page.


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