CCV: Delta Airlines allows pseudo-child pornography

From our sister organization in Ohio, Citizens for Community Values:
Dawn Hawkins, executive director of the anti-pornography non-profit Morality in Media, witnessed a man watching violent, pseudo-child pornography on her Delta flight from Baltimore to Detroit on February 17, 2012. The male flight attendant refused to do anything about the situation, or even ask the man to refrain from looking at such content. When Dawn confronted the man, a middle aged woman commented, “Be quiet. No one cares.”
As you’ll hear Dawn comment in the attached video, pornography is a leading cause for sexual violence and assault, and contributes to sexual slavery and the breakdown of families. This is no small matter, and we hope YOU care.
Please take a few minutes to contact Delta and express your interest in a policy to prohibit pornography on their flights. Click here to send an e-mail. We recommend that you write a letter in your own words, but you are also welcome to use the following draft:
I recently heard about Dawn Hawkins’ experience on her Delta flight from Baltimore to Detroit on February 17, 2012. She sat near a man who was viewing pornography–possibly child pornography–and the violence and obscenity of it made her feel very uncomfortable. When she asked a flight attendant to intervene, he did nothing and said there was nothing he could do.
Do you have plans to enact a policy to disallow patrons from viewing pornography on your flights? Pornography is a leading cause for sexual violence and assault; I hope that the next time I board a Delta flight I can rest assured that I and my family members will be in an environment that promotes safety and comfort for all passengers. Thank you for your time.


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