Brown joins Republicans in blocking Halligan confirmation

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid failed on Tuesday to override a Republican filibuster of a radical Obama nominee for the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. In a 54-45 vote, the U.S. Senate put the brakes on the confirmation of liberal extremist Caitlin Halligan. Senator Scott Brown was one of the votes to prevent her confirmation, with Alaska Republican Lisa Murkowski being the only senator to cross party lines on the vote.

Our very own Boston Globe had opined yesterday in support of Halligan, saying that Scott Brown “should acknowledge that her views appear to be well within the legal mainstream” and vote to end the filibuster. However, it is clear that her views are anything but mainstream. As New York’s Solicitor General, Halligan openly attacked marriage, arguing that the Constitution had evolved on the issue.

As Family Research Council puts it: To help clarify the state’s Domestic Relations Law (DRL) in 2004, Halligan wrote a brief for then-Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, which openly lobbied for same-sex "marriage"–even though it contradicted both the law and the authors’ intent in writing it. "The question of whether the DRL authorizes and permits same-sex marriage must be analyzed"–not in light of the law, but "in light of an ongoing and rapidly shifting debate about whether it is constitutional to deny eligibility for marital status to same-sex couples." She argued no court would agree that the state’s interests are served in "promoting procreation" and the "welfare of children" through traditional marriage. Instead, she insisted that same-sex couples be "treated as spouses for the purpose of New York law." On same-sex "marriage," Halligan "led the parade."

Halligan’s radicalism goes well beyond marriage, hitting the issues of terrorism, immigration, environmentalism, affirmative action, gun rights, and abortion. Senator Scott Brown was right to stand with his Republican colleagues in preventing Halligan from being confirmed.

We encourage to call Senator Brown with appreciation for his vote that stood for traditional family values: 202.224.4543


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