Coalition launches radio ads exposing Bathroom Bill

Our colleagues at the Coalition for Marriage & Family took to the airwaves last week with two new hard-hitting radio ads exposing the Transgender Bathroom Bill. The ads took on two of the most negative aspects of the bill: its effect on small businesses and its abuse of children.

The first ad refers to the legislation as the Transgender Lawsuits Bill, an appropriate name since similar bills in other states have resulted in expensive discrimination lawsuits against small businesses and cash-strapped cities and towns.

“This kind of legislation threatens to create costly and difficult dilemmas for small businesses, already struggling against a stalled economy and excessive red tape,” said Representative James Lyons. “This extreme government over reach ends up costing small business persons a great deal of time and money, trying to comply with complex bureaucratic regulations. Storeowners are always the ones at risk—they can face unwanted publicity and litigation. Let’s not place more burdens on small businesses."

The second, even more powerful ad, features a little boy saying: “Mommy, my teacher used to be a man, but today he says that he is a woman. I don’t understand. Could that happen to me?”

CLICK HERE to listen to the ads on our website.

The ads come at a critical time for the Bathroom Bill as proponents are increasing their pressure on the Legislature to act before breaking for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Next week is also “Transgender Awareness Week” and the propaganda will reach a higher level. We are in touch with our friends on Beacon Hill and closely monitoring the behind-the-scenes deliberations.


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