ACLU welcomes kids back to school

Dear Friends of the Family,

Students are back in school, and the American Civil Liberties Union is there as well, suing to get schools to remove content filters from their computers. According to a recent story in the Washington Times, the ACLU and other gay rights groups say schools systems are unconstitutionally imposing blanket bans on gay-related “information and cultural websites” on school computers.

The ACLU has sent warning letters to many school districts advising them that Internet filters blocking nonsexual gay websites must be removed to “avoid any potential litigation.” This includes removing entire categories of content, such as “LGBT,” “sexuality,” “lifestyle,” “homosexuality,” and “sex education.”

A Missouri school district refused to remove its customized “sexuality” filter and was promptly sued by the ACLU and four gay advocacy groups. However, the Alliance Defense Fund is counseling schools to reject the ACLU’s demands. “Schools shouldn’t be bullied into exposing students to sexually explicit materials,” said David Cortman, an ADF-aligned lawyer.

To help parents combat the onslaught of anti-family values material being pushed into schools by both gay and pro-abortion groups, our partners at Focus on the Family recently updated their website. This website is geared towards both parents and community leaders who are concerned about the promotion of homosexuality and other controversial topics in their public schools.

One of the great features is the “Take Action” center where parents can communicate directly with schools officials. The website had guidelines—do’s and don’ts—for parents to use when they approach school officials with their concerns. With many schools beginning to adopt “anti-bullying” policies, this website has model policies that protect kids without sexualizing the issue.

I encourage you to visit today and check out the resources available. Be sure to pass this link on to other parents and grandparents, and share it on Facebook.

For our families,

P.S. I submitted a letter to the editor to the Boston Globe in response to their criticism of Texas Gov. Rick Perry for his support of traditional marriage. To their credit, the Globe printed it and you can read it HERE . Feel free to share it on facebook and twitter.


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