Getting their attention

Friends of the family,

Our ads haven’t even been on the air 48 hours, but boy have they gotten the attention of the LGBT advocates for the Bathroom Bill:

“Our opponents are getting desperate. The anti-LGBT Massachusetts Family Institute is flooding the airwaves with lies about the Transgender Equal Rights Bill”

These are the words of Kara S. Suffredini, the executive director of MassEquality, in an email to supporters this morning. She followed up with action items, calling on people to contact their lawmakers and writing letters to their local newspapers. We have ramped up the pressure, and they are working overtime to do the same.

We are in an all-out effort to defeat this bill once again, but we need your help to do it:

  1. Send an email to your legislators.
  2. Make a phone call TODAY to your legislators.
  3. Contribute to keep our radio ads on the air.

The news media is once again starting to take a look at the Bathroom Bill. There is no doubt that our radio ads have spurred on this attention. I will be on New England Cable News (NECN) tonight to talk about the issue, and the station is currently running a poll on their website.

Visit and scroll down to the poll on the right side. They will be citing the results of this poll during evening newscasts, so be sure to ask your friends, family and neighbors to vote as well. I ask you to please FORWARD THIS EMAIL to as many people as possible.

There are about two weeks left before the Legislature recesses for the summer. Whether or not the Bathroom Bill is acted upon before they leave is up to us. We must continue to inform legislators on the true consequences of this bill, and work to make sure that it never leaves the Judiciary Committee.

For our families,

P.S. In other news, the Legislature met briefly as a Constitutional Convention yesterday and promptly recessed until Wednesday, October 12. There are two onerous amendments before the joint session that would all but eliminate the citizens’ right to petition so we will continue to closely monitor that situation.


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