Media campaign opposing Bathroom Bill begins Tuesday

July 12, 2011
For Immediate Release

Media Campaign Opposing “Bathroom Bill” Begins Tuesday
Protecting the Safety and Privacy for Women, Children and Students in Public Bathrooms

Woburn, MA – MFI Action, the advocacy arm of the Massachusetts Family Institute, has launched a media campaign to educate citizens about the dangers of the Bathroom Bill, which is again before the legislature after years of failed attempts on passage.

“When citizens understand that this measure will allow any man into a women’s public bathroom—even in our K-12 public schools—they oppose it.” said Kris Mineau, president of MFI Action. “We are taking our message to the airwaves to inform citizens and help keep our public facilities safe, private and modest for all citizens, especially children.”

The media launch includes Boston area news/talk radio and includes creative online elements. MFI Action is not presently disclosing the sum of the buy, but it is scheduled to begin on July 12. The length of the campaign is dependent on whether the bill is brought out of committee.

MFI supports human and civil rights for all persons, however the Bathroom Bill is a far-reaching measure that:

  • Makes it legal for any man to enter a woman’s bathroom or locker room, and
  • Creates a completely unworkable framework for students in schools to use bathrooms and locker rooms with safety and privacy.

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