GLSEN awarded more taxpayer dollars

According to our friends at, the federal government will now officially—for the next 5 years—fund one of the largest gay activists groups in the nation devoted to promoting homosexuality to public school kids of all ages. GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) has been award an annually renewable grant from the CDC funding a five-year project that will allow GLSEN to “partner with 20 targeted school districts across the country” and to reach “14,500 school personnel and 4 million students.”

GLSEN announced that it plans to use the grant money (up to $285,000 per year) in part to start “internal Implementation Teams” and training programs based on GLSEN’s Safe Space Kit. Here’s a quick overview on what “the Kit” does:

  • Promotes GLSEN’s controversial recommended book list for use in schools.
  • Encourages teachers to display homosexual-themed materials from “LGBT organizations.” (LGBT=lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender).
  • Recommends that schools “celebrate LGBT events” and incorporate lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender themes into curriculum and school literature. “Whenever possible,” the guide tells educators to give examples of “same-sex couples” and “LGBT parents.”
  • Gives teachers an “LGBT-Inclusive School Checklist” to see if their school has, among other things, a “gender-neutral dress code” and “gender-neutral” bathrooms.
  • GLSEN also wants educators to avoid using words like “husband” or “wife” in the classroom and avoid using gender-specific pronouns. A vocabulary sheet included in the Kit offers alternative pronouns, such as “zie” rather than “he” or “she.” And “hir” rather than “him” or “her.”

This is a disturbing development, and just one more reason why parents must be vigilant in finding out what their children are being taught and exposed to in their classroom. We ask for your help in identifying any of the 20 schools targeted by GLSEN in this grant. Remember, GLSEN was founded in Boston and is now a nation-wide scourge in our schools. Bottom line: this is taxpayer money going towards the homosexual indoctrination of our children – one more “gift” from the Obama administration.



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