Political contrasts

Dear Friends of the Family,

I am now back in Bermuda vacationing with my family, having flown to Boston on Tuesday to be at the State House with more than eighty-five passionate pro-family activists to actively engage their government during our annual Lobby Day. We are grateful to all who came, some from as far away as Springfield and Sandwich, to learn how to effectively lobby their legislators and then put that training to work.

As I write this, news of the conviction of former House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi in a federal corruption trial is spreading across Beacon Hill and beyond. Unfortunately, Speaker DiMasi is just the latest poster boy for what is wrong with our government, and likely will not be the last.

During his time as Speaker, DiMasi was a powerful advocate for same-sex “marriage” and the gay agenda. He was a key player in bringing about the startling turncoat reversal of some legislators on the second vote on the Marriage Amendment, thereby robbing the people of Massachusetts the opportunity to define marriage how they want it to be, not how 7 unelected judges feel it should be.

On Tuesday’s Lobby Day, we saw the polar opposite of DiMasi and his corrupt colleagues in numerous legislators, from both sides of the aisle, speaking to our pro-family activists. These legislators, including newly elected Rep. Peter Durant (R-Spencer) and now-veteran Rep. Jim Dwyer (D-Woburn), told attendees to never give up or be discouraged, and never be afraid to stand up for your values.

I felt very proud to lead our group in the Pledge of Allegiance, especially since it was Flag Day. We have a great group of advocates and supporters across the state, and because of their hard work, we now have an ever-growing number of great Americans representing our values and our families on Beacon Hill. Praise God for these blessings.

For our families,


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